Free puppies north carolina

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We are open by appointment only to ensure the safety of our staff and the public. Please click on the links below to view animals and schedule an appointment to adopt a pet at Guilford County Animal Services. We do not hold pets and cannot guarantee what animals will be Free puppies north carolina at the time of an adoption appointment. All appointments are general appointments for dog, cats, or other pets and are not for specific animals. Our Online Animal Adoption Scheduling is now available. The Guilford County Animal Shelter recommends that all current pets are up to date on all of their vaccines before bringing home a new pet.

Found A Pet? Jump to sub Welcome to the Animal Gallery for the Guilford County Animal Shelter We are open by appointment only to ensure the safety of our staff and the public. Arrive at the shelter at your scheduled time and check in with our Front Gate Staff. Park in the deated area the front gate staffs directs you to and remain in your vehicle. Shelter staff will direct come to your vehicle and discuss what pets are available and who you are interested in. If you are interested in a cat, you will be escorted to our cat adoption area.

If you are interested in a dog shelter staff will escort you to one of our dog meet and greet areas and bring out the dog you are interested in. Once you have spent time with the pet, asking any questions you may have, and you've decided to adopt your new pet our staff will escort you back to your vehicle and give you an adoption application to fill out. If the pet you are interested in has not yet been spayed or neutered, front desk staff will arrange a time for you to return to the shelter after surgery to finish the adoption process and pick up your pet.

A staff member will then come out to collect your application, ID and payment and bring you back the final paperwork Free puppies north carolina. Shelter staff will then go over your adoption packet curbside with you at your vehicle and assist in loading your new pet into your vehicle. You are then ready to bring your new pet home! Remember that there is an adjustment period as your new pets decompresses from the shelter and begins to get used to living with you.

While every pet is different the general guideline is the Rule of 3. It normally takes a pet 3 days to decompress from shelter life, 3 weeks to begin to understand they are living with you and start a routine and 3 months to truly become a part of the household routines.

Free puppies north carolina

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