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I just wanted to have fun and talk to someone. Consequently, he often finds himself talking to women without any intention other than to pass the time pleasantly. Like Shawn, many men find themselves miscast and prejudged based on stereotypes — stereotypes which, unfortunately, aren't unfounded.

Thanks to social media, viral videos and national treasures like Amy Schumerthe worst of sexist male behavior is more exposed than ever: catcallingonline harassingslut-shaming. Calling attention to the crap women face all too regularlyespecially in the dating worldis crucial for changing society's norms. But there are men who'd like Fun honest guy wanted get in on that dialogue, not only to express support as self-declared feministsbut also to offer up perspectives that help cut through gender stereotypes on both sides so we can better understand each other.

As Ezra, 33, told Mic"Men are subject to a whole different set of stereotypes as women are. I just wish we could respond. So Mic asked more than a dozen straight guys what they wish women knew — about their insecurities, their worries and, yes, what they're looking for out in the dating world.

They don't speak for all men, of course. But being open and honest, just a few people at a time, is a great place to start. That isn't true. Much of the time men want to bed women in order to see whether they might enjoy it enough to continue bedding that woman for years to come. Male-female friendships are way more nuanced than that. I just want to meet new people and make new friends.

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They help you gain new experiences, new perspectives, but that's all I want. Nothing more. I don't need to be interested that way. It's constantly something I think about too. There's this expectation thrust upon men to have sex with them, but that's not necessarily true.

Give us a bit more credit.

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Different people are attracted to different types of women. I have friends who aren't into that pretty bombshell type. Dudes have different tastes. Women seem to be more accepting.

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There are also guys that love every type of woman. There are guys that prefer every body type. We know girls care about whether we're in shape or not. Some guys think about what they eat or what they're wearing. We need to look good now more than ever. It's no better than when a guy says 'I'll only date a girl with a certain type of body. Having money makes life easier. It would be smart to want your life to be easier. We're told to 'man up' or stop 'living that bachelor lifestyle. This 'man-up' culture is part of the reason people think men can't emote. Women love confidence. It'd be hard for me to work, always jittery.

The past year it's been less so. I'm going to drink tonight before my date, because it'll open me up more. It's a form of being guarded. I am concerned about how I appear, or did I say the right thing. It's completely natural. We have this awful stereotype that showing vulnerability or insecurity is not okay. Just because on the outside I'm stoic doesn't mean we're not really nervous on the inside. Some of the most nervous I've ever been has been before our dates. Every woman is different, and we want to know what you want. Why would I care if the other person did?

Personally, I need someone who can handle my moves. You just don't want it to be held against you. In fact, it's great when a girl says, 'We both have jobs' or 'I can't let you pay for all of this, you've already spent Fun honest guy wanted much.

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There's no owing for me paying for a date. All I want is to make it comfortable and enjoyable. And just because a girl lets me pay doesn't mean I expect sex. By Sam Griffel. We're not always thinking about sex.

Fun honest guy wanted

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We Asked 15 Men What They Wish Women Knew — Here Are Their Honest Responses