G dragon and cl dating 2011

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Are you ready for the topic of interest? Is that a couple ring? There was a thread on Omonatheydidnt that was casually talking about the relationship status of TOP and GD, and a lot of stuff was discussed that made me feel a bit silly for not realizing all this sooner. Question about marriage. Taeyang happily laughs at this and GD s in.

I like the fact that this is low key at the moment. GD could be playing mind games. What do you think? I sure hope he is. Whoever this lucky woman is, I just pray she treats my man right and makes him happy. I can see it in their eyes, the way they looked at each other… everyone can see it too. If he really was in a relationship, dude is good at keeping secrets! We all know how GD and TOP has had girlfriends in the past, and their fans all kept quiet about it cause they want to protect their idols.

I have an inkling who it is. Who is she? He deserved to have someone who will take care of him. At that time, the words he posted for her became the most searched on Naver. I think they already know who she is if they read the clues on that entry correctly. And yes, the KVIPs esp. I think he has been giving hints for awhile now and not just in the lyrics of his love songs. But he never struck me as a conformist. He never wanted to be an idol in the first place, he wanted to be an artist. In one Japanese interview, he mentioned that he wished Taeyang will finally have a girlfriend because falling in love is one of the most important emotions an artist must go through.

Dara is perfect for GD. They complement each other. She did everything for her family aishhhh… why am i crying while writing these? She will take good care of our Jiyong! They deserved each other and I love them both! Even thought im Daragon and i want Dara to Be Gd,its ok with me either Dara or notatleast He is happy,I wish the girl well treat Gd well,and love her so much and she will understand gd,this girl will be one lucky woman,please treat my gd oppa well. Remember the scandal that made the rounds early ? It was around late January to early February and it was about this picture of GD and two other women in a nightclub.

It was said that that one of them was his ex-girlfriend. The woman was six years older and allegedly owned the transgender nighclub where Seungri filmed an episode of a TV show. The KVIPs were pissed because GD promised in a radio show prior to the controversy that he will be honest and inform his fans the truth if ever he has a girlfiriend. GD explained that the older woman in the picture and he were just firiends and that the said picture was taken sometime around the first half of the year G dragon and cl dating 2011 But, there were already rumors that GD did have a girlfriend at that time and he really loved this girl.

Perhaps because it was meant for a private audience. Recall his Star Confessions interview where he says that he rents cafes to stage private concerts for his girl. And I believe this has paved the way as to why they are determined to protect it. I am not gonna ask you who is the girl but I just want to ask what are the other songs GD wrote for this girl so that I could validate my suspicions. Hope you answer me and thanks a lot. Butterfly is the obvious answer.

But I believe almost all of his love songs are for her. She is his muse. GD seem to be emotionally attach to this woman. Some may call it an obsession. Her smile is immortalized in them, too, as it is often mentioned. I think he really likes her smile. I wish and pray that they end up together! I believe that woman is her, too.

And it became clearer to me when I started studying the lyrics to his songs. GD himself suggested it in one of his interviews: to read the lyrics of his songs to better understand him without having to know him personally. I wondered why he suggested it…perhaps because the clues are in there.

Makes me excited about the upcoming album wondering if there will be songs about jealousy over the fanboys! I really hope so. I will pray to that. Especially her who knew Jiyong since they were trainees. I mean, they admitted that they always hang out together before. Their meaningful looks… arggghh!

That spells L-O-V-E right? You can watch the subbed version youtube. In this song, he was very specific about some details and they all scarily fit with Dara. In an interview, GD said that basically, the song Hello is flirting with a girl. How come at the concert, the Hello stage had a wedding theme? The next track on the album is Hello featuring Dara. Your turn, telephone ring…Hello. See the connection? EarlyGD put a hidden love message on his Cyworld.

The message was written in a Busan dialect and Dara just happens to be from Busan. I want to add more but I think this is getting long. From what I can see, GD has been pursuing Dara for a while now and from his lyrics, he seems to believe that fate brought them together. The Korean press was abuzz about it the next day. KNetizens were starting to ask questions. They were noticing the chemistry.

One on line news even headlined that the two were performing so comfortably with each other that they were like real lovers. At first, I thought it was just because of their strong stage presence until I started scrutinizing the press photos.

There was this obvious gleam in her eyes, and something about his smile that my heart started to skip a beat! Saw pictures of them together in an amusement park dated around along with some YGE artists. Then I found out that she left around September of that year after her acting training but came back for good around Summer of There are really a lot of clues about her in his songs.

Mmm, this is a delightful response. I like the intrigue of it. I will keep my eyes and ears opened for more of this kind of thing! Actually, the first i noticed their chemistry was during the Hello performance at global gathering. I love the one where GD sits at the back of Dara and the way he looks at her while getting a chair. And when Dara performed Kiss… damn, the boyfriend is soooo jealous!

I am so curious to know about it. I am not as you call a shipper of any pair. I just love and respect BigBang. I see nothing wrong with the discussion going on up here. The discussion has been done in a tasteful and respectful manner. The article is about G-Dragon dating someone so of course the comments would be about speculations regarding who the girl is.

Whoever the G dragon and cl dating 2011 is I am just glad that I see GD happily smiling nowadays. With your comment just now, does that make you any better than the Daragon shippers you claim to hate? Please read the comments G dragon and cl dating 2011 before you comment yourself. If someone is being disrespectful then reply in a respectful manner.

G dragon and cl dating 2011

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G-Dragon is dating someone?