Garage sale champaign

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Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Liz Claiborne blouse - petite small. Created by a mom and thriving all over North America and around the world, VarageSale helps families find incredible local deals and earn extra spending money selling their stuff. Each community is managed by a team of admins who are devoted to fostering a friendly and welcoming environment. Code of Conduct. We will send you an containing a link to reset your password.

Please make sure that your settings are not set to cross post in all nearby VS groups before posting. If not you will be denied and sent a message explaining why you were denied and how to fix it. This area is for discussions concerning VarageSale and not for selling. You can click "I am no longer interested" if you decide to pass or no longer want the item. If you were in contact with the seller, you need to let them know you pass.

Otherwise, if you do not go in order you will get strikes and removed from the Garage sale champaign. Additional posts of the same thing will be deleted. If you have additional pictures of the item, put those into the comments. If it's impossible to post a real picture, contact an admin. Contact an admin if you have made a mistake on a price People watching your item will get a notification of this price change.

Once picked up, go to edit and mark the item sold at the bottom. Shop great deals. Browse. Justice Girls Coat. Clothing, Girls, Outerwear, Extra Large 14 and up. Country Lamp with lantern bottom. Hurricane lamps older. Home, Decor, Decorative Accents. Home, Furniture. View more. Buy and Sell with your Neighbors Created by a mom and thriving all over North America and around the Garage sale champaign, VarageSale helps families find incredible local deals and earn extra spending money selling their stuff.

My Community. Follow Us. Lovely to see you again! Forgot your password? Check your inbox. Something went wrong. Strikes will be given if this is not followed. If you are new, then read the rules so you don't get striked out and removed. Messages never delete either Set a price and you can say obo after that.

If you accept an offer from someone, you need to stay with that person. If you already accepted an offer and then went with someone else who offered higher - seller will get a strike. If they try to use any other profiles to get back in, all those associated profiles will be banned. Even if unopened.

Breast pumps received free from WIC or Illinois Public Aid are not allowed to be sold within our group, this is actually illegal. Otherwise, the post will be deleted. Cannot make a higher offer to get an item when there are people in line for it. Comments will be deleted if trading is mentioned. If you want to make an offer on an item, you NEED to do that via private message.

You cannot try to negotiate the price at a pick up. Once a price is agreed upon before the meet - it cannot be changed. If a buyer tries to get the seller to lower the price at the meet, strike will be Garage sale champaign. Once you accept an offer, you as a seller cannot back out.

This is the only category where you can post a URL link to another. Only one post per person. Strikes will be given. Go in line of interest, strikes can be given for buyers that skip people. Admins can see deleted comments. Please click the interested button and then send a message to the seller. Clicking that will place an automated message in the comments that you are interested in buying.

Use the "Ask" button if you have questions about an item. HELP: You are able to ask any admin for help here. If you have any member complaints, let us know; no shows, not responding, gave me a broken item, etc. We will get both sides of the story from both the buyer and seller. We may ask for screen shots of messages, posts, texts, etc. Admins have the right to remove a member for any reason Removal is the result after complaints we get and strikes we give to members.

Garage sale champaign

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