Gemini least compatible

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The third of the zodiac Gemini is a chatty, free-spirited, and fun-loving that needs a partner who can match their playful natures whilst stimulating them mentally. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of mental processes and communication. This loves through language and enjoys seeking new information and experiences. As with every constellation on the zodiac wheel, Gemini is more compatible with some s and less compatible with others.

This air is drawn to dynamic people with a creative spark and repelled by s who suffocate their need for freedom. Aries is a fast-paced that has no problem keeping up with dynamic Gemini. The first on the zodiac is a cardinal that focuses its energy in a direct outward projection, as well as a fire that dazzles Gemini with its passion and creative spark. This fire and air combination is an explosive pairing guaranteed to see sparks fly.

Aries has the speed to stay ahead of Gemini as well as the ability to rein in some of its more aloof and airy attributes. This couple constantly stimulates each other as neither can tolerate boredom or restriction. Both s need personal space and value their independence, and this mutual need gives them common ground as they understand each other better than other zodiac combinations. Gemini thrives in conversation and seeks stimulation from social situations. They often speak before they think, which can aggravate the secretive Scorpio.

Scorpios like to keep details of their relationship private and play their cards close to their chest. This is a direct contrast to the characteristics of Gemini; this needs to express themselves and dislikes withholding information. Gemini can be a bit of a gossip. The secretive nature of a Scorpio may entice their curious natures at first but can grow boring quickly. Scorpio is an introverted whereas Gemini enjoys socializing. Arguments between these s can grow heated as neither are keen on compromise. Capricorn has a grounding presence that the airy Gemini may find enticing.

The solidifying energy of this earth centers the mutable air in the physical realm. Capricorn is the practical element in this relationship; their tactical minds balance out the inquisitive and intellectual Gemini nature. Gemini's presence lightens up the sometimes stoic Capricorn, making them more fun-loving as well as encouraging them to embrace new opportunities. Their opposing natures can appear to be an obstacle at first, as Capricorn is rigorously mindful of status whereas Gemini likes to think outside the box.

Capricorn often moves slower than Gemini but this delay in pace can be beneficial. Both s bring vital qualities to the relationship that could bring out the best in each other. This dreamy may initially appear to be a good match for the unorthodox Gemini, but Pisces' tendency to Gemini least compatible into fantasy can become frustrating for this air.

Pisces needs strong emotional support that flighty Gemini may not be able to provide. Additionally, Gemini's need for freedom and independence can become internalized by Pisces as a rejection, causing this to retreat further into their imagination. Pisces is a non-confrontational. They are more likely to be passive-aggressive rather than tell Gemini directly when they are upset.

Gemini dislikes feeling smothered and the attentions of Pisces, whilst flattering at first, can grow suffocating. The combination of sensitive Pisces and independent Gemini is guaranteed to result in miscommunications and crossed wires. Leo is another fire compatible with Gemini and this free-spirited couple enjoys a playful relationship with each other.

Leo's more child-like qualities correspond with Gemini's light-heartedness. Leo has a dominant streak of pride that can be off-putting to other s, though Gemini is often unafraid of Leo's powerful presence. Gemini is analytical and likes to approach subjects from all angles and viewpoints. The fiery creative energy of Leo inspires their inquisitive nature. This couple draws strength and inspiration from each other. Their ruling planets encourage clear communication and, as long as they forthright with each other can enjoy a fun and lively relationship.

Although Capricorn offers a grounding presence for Gemini, earth Virgo may feel like a dragging weight of responsibility. Virgo is sacrificial and enjoys helping other people and serving the community. This can be too serious for the light-hearted Gemini. Although Gemini's dual nature allows them to see both sides of an argument, the practical persistence of Virgo can be too demanding for this air. Virgo is a critical but efficient Gemini least compatible might misinterpret Gemini's airy nature as apathy or laziness.

Gemini likes to theorize issues and discuss their emotions and experiences as concepts, which can exasperate grounded Virgo. Virgo and Gemini can easily tire of each other, although both s are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. If they can talk through their juxtaposing perspectives with honest conversation then they could find a common ground of compatibility. Like Gemini, Libra is an air and there are enough similarities to draw these two s together.

Passive Libra is happy to let Gemini take the lead, offering a balanced Gemini least compatible diplomatic presence throughout Gemini's voyages of Gemini least compatible. Libra provides the tact and sensitivity that Gemini often lacks and are perfect travel companions for this adventurous air. This couple is in sync and always appears to be on the same. They are both analytical and intellectual, thriving during periods of mental stimulation. Communication is rarely an issue as both s love to talk and express themselves in the world.

The intense emotions of water Cancer may be too much for the free-spirited Gemini. Gemini often appears detached and aloof to the of the crab. Cancer is family-orientated and highly sensitive, misinterpreting Gemini's adventurous spirit as rejection.

Gemini, in turn, can view Cancer as overly needy and find their sensitive feelings puzzling. Gemini and Cancer often feel drawn to each due to their proximity as neighbors on the zodiac wheel. While there are enough similarities between the two to develop a mutual understanding, the vast difference between their emotional needs makes them one of the least compatible pairings. Leah Flavell is a freelance writer currently living in Kettering, originally from Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. By Leah Flavell Published May 17, Share Share Tweet Comment. Related Topics Horoscope zodiac Horoscope.

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Gemini least compatible

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