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If you are curious about your compatibility with your friends, colleagues, family and more. Find out here! When you want to impress a Gemini, you need to know what to text a woman born under this chatty and expressive. Texting is a great way to make a connection with a Gemini woman because this zodiac is highly focused on communication.

You need to be a little mysterious, yet consistent when texting a Gemini woman. Keep the overall tone of your messages flirty and light, and mentally stimulate her with clever humor and puzzles. The influence of Mercury makes Gemini perhaps the most talkative of the entire zodiac. A Gemini woman usually seeks a career in communication, such as marketing, public relations, and sales. She is a talented speaker and writer, so it makes sense that texting is the perfect way to flirt with your Gemini lady.

You should flirt with a Gemini woman over text by showing her your sense of humor. Gemini is a fun and playfulso she would rather stick to lighter subjects over text than dive into deeper topics, which are better discussed in person. Send her hilarious videos and memes you find online that you think Gemini woman flirt make her smile or send her silly photos you take with witty captions.

Geminis have a spirited, clever sense of humor, so avoid dark, sarcastic jokes. You should also use texting as a way to initiate a discussion and get to know her better. Ask her how her day is going, how she feels, what her favorite songs are, what kinds of movies she likes, and what her passions and hobbies are. And, of course, you should use flirty texts to ask your Gemini woman out on a date, or at least gauge her interest in you. Flirting with a Gemini woman over text is one thing but seducing her is another.

When you flirt, you are just trying to get to know her, make her feel special, and show your romantic interest in her. Seduction is more direct than suggestive and tells your Gemini lady that you are interested in her sexually. Some s prefer a more passive, meek partner, but there is no need to hold back or be subtle when you want to seduce a Gemini woman. She likes a man who chases her and makes her the center of his attention, but still has a life of his own and is busy with other things besides pursuing her.

Send her cute photos of yourself with funny or sexy captions. She is attracted to a man with a good Gemini woman flirt of humor and will be impressed that you can turn her on while making her laugh. Some s are embarrassed by dirty talk, but not a Gemini. As a highly communicativeGemini women usually love dirty talk, even over text. Some s dislike texting and hardly ever check their phones for new messages, but Gemini is not one of these s. Geminis are social butterflies, so they are usually glued to their phones.

Although they tend to prefer face to face interaction or a phone conversation, Geminis also love to communicate through text messages. You could text your Gemini woman anything to start talking, but make sure you capture her interest instead of relying on her to carry the conversation. Instead, ask her thoughtful, open-ended questions to stimulate her brain and make her give an explanation.

Instead of just asking her to grab a drink with you, ask her what her favorite bar is and why. After texting back and forth about the pros and cons of different bars and drinks, ask her if you can take her to her favorite spot to prove to you how good it is. This type of text conversation lets her get to know you better before spending more time with you in person. It also feeds her craving for attention and conversation while making you stand out in her mind. But when it comes to a Gemini woman, there are dozens of reasons why she might not be texting you back, and disliking you is at the bottom of the list.

Ladies, have you wondered if there is a "communication gap" in your relationship? Try this short quiz Discover how this "gap" may be influencing your relationship. Take the quiz here. As social as they are, Geminis are conscientious about not playing on their phones while they are with other people.

Geminis have a lot of energy, but they tend to overcommit and exhaust themselves. They are very active and like having a schedule packed full with Gemini woman flirt outings, work, hobbies, and other projects. A Gemini woman must learn to say no and not to overextend herself. Have you ever felt like your marriage is "on the rocks"? There are 3 mistakes men and women make that drive their marriage into disaster. Brad, renouned marriage coach, discovered the answer. Watch his video to see how you can begin to re-build your marriage. Gemini woman flirt Brad's video here.

There is some really good tips here, whether you've experienced a marriage that's "on the rocks" or not. Although she loves to talk, your Gemini might not be responding because she prefers another method of communication. Perhaps she intends Gemini woman flirt call you later instead of texting you back, or maybe she checks her social media more often than her text messages. She is surely communicating regularly on some platform, so find out her preferred means of communication and contact her that way. Even when a Gemini woman stops being interested in you or actively dislikes you, she will probably tell you directly rather than stop communicating.

Gemini is one of the most communicative s of the zodiac, so knowing how to text her is a ificant part of developing and maintaining a relationship with a Gemini woman. If you want to attract a Gemini woman through text messages, you have to be consistent yet mysterious.

Text her frequently but play a little hard to get. Keep the tone of your messages light and fluffy instead of dark and serious and send her plenty of jokes and funny memes and videos you find online. Text her lots of thought-provoking questions to show off your intelligence and wit, and your Gemini woman will be yours forever.

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Gemini woman flirt

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