Gift love language

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From acts of service, receiving gifts and physical touch, to quality time and words of affirmation, we all instinctively express love in different ways. Unfortunately, one love language of the five gets the worst Gift love language for being the most materialistic. Yup you guessed it: t he language of gift giving.

It raises the notion that:. For starters:. Whether it be winning someone over or attempting to smooth some ruffled feathers from an argument, a gift should never be a placeholder for love. The intention behind the gift is what matters most. Or better yet, a parent who spoils their child with gifts to compensate for their neglectful behavior.

With the wrong intentions, comes the wrong outcome. Case in point:. I once had an ex- boyfriend buy me a Nintendo Wii for my birthday. Reason being: I never really showed an interest for one. He wanted one for himself. When there are ulterior motives, there are ulterior setbacks.

Some people need the visible symbols of love to feel the connection between themselves and their partner. Gift love language, they love getting spoiled equally or if not more than spoiling others. But more importantly :. If you want to impress a gift giver, you have to put yourself in their shoes. If attentiveness is what they appreciate, surprises are one effective way of getting the message across. Chrissy Stockton, author and writer from Thought Catalogue said it best :. In the end, the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact.

As much as your partner may love receiving gifts, when it comes to timing, tread lightly. They came unwrapped. Filled with sentiment and effort that went beyond the norm of a typical gift. The ones you can remember years later and look back with a smile on your face. Something we often take for granted that has no monetary value.

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Gift love language

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