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Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. For,say what you will, there are no friendships or associations in life half so dear as those of our earlier years. Charles Beatty and an intimate friend of Erourius Beatty, the former son who published the Columbia, Spy, fifty or more years ago.

I recall with pleasure the memory of his sister, Anna Beatty, the companion of my mother, whom 1 admired very much. Both have crossed the great river, to meet the friends gone before them. Clinton, of New York. His aptness and early promise of talent must have been noticed by the ministers in the Presbytery in which she resided, and each and every ono of thorn must have rendered valuable aid in teaching him the languages which he mastered thoroughly before he attained his fifteenth year.

On the voyage the captain attempted to starve the passengers and get possession of their property, several died, among whom vtas a son arid daughter of Mr. In the spring of they selected a permanent settlement in Ulster couuty, now Orange county, in New York, which was about six miles west of the Hudson river, and sixty miies north of New York.

It is probable that Charles Beatty, the uncle, who was well educated, rendered some assistance to his nephew. They commenced to dicker with the young ma. When their preceptor,the Rev. William Tennent, eamt to their rescue.

He at once engaged vounrf Clinton in conversation in the Latii tongue, not only as to his wares, hut they, gradually drifted into ecclesiastic history. Tennent was so impressed with his j learning, ana the evidence he gave of a j sincere piety, that he commanded him to i discard his pack and enter his ' college and prepare himself for the ministry; which he promptly did. He graduated with the highest honors at j this primitive college.

On October 12, ;he was d to preach by the! New Brunswick Presbytery, and was ased to Nottingham. In he was j called to. His great influence among Presbyterians commended him to the attention of the Governors of Hew Jersey and Pennsylvania as a very proper person to aid the English against the encroachments and brutalities of the French and Indians along our frontiers.

His marriage. John Reading, the Governor of New Jersey. In tho Synod sent him to the valley of Virginia and North Carolina. In tho spring ofho accepted the chaplaincy in Gners Bensalem boy lookin for fun. The Synod willingly gave him permission to go in defence of the border settlers, a large majority of whom were followers of Gners Bensalem boy lookin for fun Calvin.

He set out from hia homo atNeshaminy to bis regiment at Harris' Perry, on May 3, He was accompanied as far I as the Schuylkill riv6r by his elders, and a of friends. On Tuesday morning, May 4, he started early, and took breakfast at the Rev. They were doubtless congenial companions, for Mr. Clinton went a few miles away from bis direet road to call upon Mr.

They rode together as far as Mrs. Clinton arrived in! Lancaster in the afternoon, drenched with rain. Clapham aud Capt. Lloyd called to see him. Having ridden through the rain, he retired to rest early in the evening. On May 5fh, at 10 A. M, iu company with Governor Morris. Hughes was tin founder of that town. The short. He found. A very unexpected 1 condition confronted him with which he boldly grappled and tried fco remedy. Beatty con- tinned to lecture the officers upon their conduct. It is likely he went home a little disgusted with the state of affairs, for it seems that he did not return to his command again.

Four hundred soldiers and men accompanied them. Iu the Synod sent him and tho Rev. George Duflield to the frontier west of the Allegheny Mountains. In he took Mrs. I think she died there before his return. He collected about three thousand pounds m England to aid Princeton College.

J William P. Beatty was born atNesham- ing, Bucks county, Pa. In he married. In he-was appointed TV ianr u! In o he helped to organize the Presbv- terxan church in Columbia, and was its lust ruling elder, a position he held until t IrJra the town in He held many offices of trust ana was an active supporter of the schools public libraries, and the first temperance movement in the town. In personal appearance he was tall, stately and dignified in his carriage. He was not given to levity or frivolity in con- veisanon or manner. He wore a queue.

He was respected by every one. His son William P. Bell Ind found them fully sustained. Mr Ion w sustained. He seems never to have recovered from his fall from grace, and he died in obscurity, and neglected. In this connection it may be stated that the Rev. Ho prepared scholars for a college course. He was a fine Greek and I Latin scholar. The early professors of! Washington and Jefferson College, if a. The Kev. Emotional I religion in the Presbyterian Church gradually died out after Whitefield and Tennents crossed the great river, and the church gradually swung back to the customs introduced by Calvin.

Francis Allison and Rev. Their efforts ended in failure. Columbia, Pa. The Doylestown Democrat. Bavls, I. Holland played an important part in the ' discovery and settlement of the Yalley of the Delaware. Hollanders were the first white men to tread the soil of our country and State. Inthree Dutch traders set out from Fort Nassau, now Albany, J to explore the interior, striking across the country to the head waters of the Delaware, down whose western bank they traveled to the Schuylkill.

AboutGners Bensalem boy lookin for fun Dutch West India company established a trading house on a small island near the western shore of the Delaware, just below Trenton Falls, and placed thereon four families of French Walloons. This was the first white settlement within the limits of Bucks county. The Dutch carried on a profitable trade with the Indians as early as A Dutch traveler, named Van DerDonk, was the first to write and publish a book about the country along the Delaware. The Dutch and Swedes held a t occupancy for seventeen years, and until the English displaced them both.

The Swedes were the first Europeans to make a purchase of land of the Indians in the limits of Bucks county. This was soon afterand Peter Lindstrom, a Swedish engineer, surveyed and mapped the Delaware from its mouth to the Falls, in At the time of the English conquest of the Delaware,the population on the river was aboutmost Swedes.

They built the earliest churches and introduced Christian worship in the wilderness west of the Delaware. One or two of these early congregations is still prosperous bodies. The Dutch introduced negro slavery into our State and county. The appearance, and personal character, of William Penn are not understood. He was an accomplished and elegant gentleman; polite and refined and conversant with the usages of the most polished society of the time. He was reared amid luxury, and grew up surrounded by all the appliances of wealth, and was educated in the refinement of the age.

He wore a sword like a true cavalier; and the only portrait of him extant, painted at the age of twenty-three, represents him a very handsome young man.

Gners Bensalem boy lookin for fun

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