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I should have known this was going to be a strange day…. There is a strange amount of traffic walking into the subway platform, which is a bit concerning to see it filling up so fast, with no relief of a train…meanwhile, we hear a muffled message about local trains being delayed downtown. We pay money for this shitty service! I got delayed 3 times yesterday on the fucking bus!! What the hell is wrong with the MTA!?!?

Happy ending massage chinatown new york to self, do not sit next to these men. Meanwhile, I am monitoring the platform fill up more and more and wait patiently for the train. As we finally get moving, the conductor tells us that we are now running express from 42 nd to Brooklyn Bridge due to an accident at 33 rd. I walk west across Bryant Park to head south to Eataly to meet my friend for lunch, when I finally make it there, this place is so fucking crowded with tourists and she is nowhere in sight.

Today has been a complete shit show…I need a drink. When she arrives, we have a bit of a wait for the table, then I order my food with a huge glass of wine, then another. However, she knows that I have been actively dating and have been in relationships, as the 2 times that we have both met and gone out, I have been involved with men. Yes, the only 2 men that I have been with in over a year happened to be timed right around the same time that she has been visiting in the New York City area.

She asks way too many questions. At some point, I tell her this. As she asks me more questions, I am reminded of needing another glass of wine. The constant grilling of questions is reminding me of an interview and quite exhausting. I have been really good at being single most of my adult life. I could be voted off the island for this, I p. After lunch, we walk down the Highline, through the West Village, The Village, and Soho and to Chinatown, where she wants to buy me a Bubble tea and the plan is for us to get cheap massages.

After walking miles today…. Let the fun begin. We walk down Canal Street, Happy ending massage chinatown new york then we wind through the back alleys of Chinatown that I have never explored before. So, I let her lead the way. As we wind through the streets, we pass many massage parlors, nail salons, hair salons and etc.

Then, we go into the smallest, thinnest store front with some strange writing on the wall and a fake rose bush on a table to the left of the hallway with a bright massage menu that I glimpse at as my friend is barking commands to the man and ladies in waiting area, that are greeting us as we walk in. The people that work here do not speak much English; they speak some words, but nod a lot; they smile and bow. My friend seems to raise her voice louder to them acting like it makes them understand her more, since her voice is raised…this reminds me of something my mother would do and I laugh to myself.

They point me to one on the right. I walk beyond the curtain to undress and the space is obviously where they store crap, as the massage tabl e is pushed up at the end against a small sofa with big bags all over it and shit everywhere. The massage table is so close to the curtain, that my legs hang out of it into the middle of the walkway and hands keep coming through the curtain as I undress.

I place my belongings at the end of the massage table Happy ending massage chinatown new york the sofa with the other junk. What in the hell did I agree to?!? Then, as I lay there practically naked, someone comes into the area around the sheet and for all that I know, my arse is possibly able to be viewed by anyone in the walk way. Am I still in New York? This place is scaring the crap out of me…are these people legal? Are they slave labor?

For fucks sake, what have I agreed to?! Then, my concentration is broken by my friend yelling in the opposite stall that she needs someone new. Then, I get a woman…the only reason that I knew this is because she has her hair down and keeps draping it over my back as she rubs my shoulders and at some point, she directs me in a movement. Wait a minute, is there a monkey in here, someone just hoisted themselves on the table with me!

What in the hell just happened? One Hour! What in the hell is going on here? After my massage is finally finished, I am shuffled out to the seating area on the pleather sofas with the strange Chinese woman that gave me the massage. She keeps showing me her hand and making a face. You pay my boss! As I sit there, I wonder about the big man that I saw going behind the curtain with the other young girl when we walked in, what in the hell kind of service is he getting? Is he getting a happy ending? After her massage, we walk through the streets and wind back to the main streets and get back to Mott Street to modern day civilization.

This is when we determine that we should get some food for dinner. We see people standing in line for dumplings and dim sum and opt for another szechuan restaurant that looks pretty popular. I love sushi, love sashimi and I love meat, but mine comes in pretty pieces, in packages in the store and etc. I think you understand. At this time, I have no idea what is about to happen. My face must have said it all…the waiter cut it in the middle exposing the bones everywhere and leaves it. First thing she eats is the entire head, face, eyes and all with soy sauce, as I watch wondering about the bones, eyes and lips…then, eats the fins and explains that in Asia, this would be something that is fought over first in a meal.

Meanwhile, she is asking me if I want some. I am thinking to myself, I wonder if any of the men that I know and have dated would react well to someone eating a whole fish in front of them, let alone the head first. After we are finished, she had the server package up the remaining food, both the fish and the food that I had not eaten to take home with her. This evening was good, but a very strange adventure in New York City….

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Happy ending massage chinatown new york

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