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DOTAFire is a community that lives to help every Dota 2 player take their game to the next level by having open access to all our tools and resources. Please consider supporting us by whitelisting us in your ad blocker! Hello everyone! This is a sort of pre-introduction where I'll mention the latest update to the guide such as a new Good Read, or Tale of the Potato Bracket This is meant for people who have already read the main guide once, and want to immediately check the latest updates.

You can find a detailed changelog at the end of the guide. So, what's new this time? Bet you can't get I remember a topic where someone was asking how to raise his MMR, and people suggested playing certain "OP hero" picks like Slark or Viperclaiming that playing only those heroes raised their rank by or more.

Of course, any DOTA player who knows this game can see the glaring faults here. First of all, there is no OP hero, only heroes that are difficult for noobs to counterpick. Once you raise your MMR to the point where your opponents know how to defeat your hero, you're stuck. And since you know how to play only that "OP hero" and nothing else, your rank will drop again. This guide focuses on simple and legit ways to get out of low-ELO hell and raise your MMR without using any "easy" methods that give you a rank you don't deserve.

It may be more work than spamming Lifestealer and lvl 1 jungling to hope for a win through AFK farm, but you'll actually grow in skill as a DOTA player, and feel all the better for it! Let's jump right in, shall we? The first thing you want to do is determine how high you really want your MMR to be.

Of course, you'll be asking: " What do you mean? Are you willing to spend the time necessary for it? Always remember that people like zai and Arteezy may be at the top of the Ranked Leaderboards, but they play DOTA professionally, and don't spend time working or being in school. So don't try to be someone you're not, know yourself. Now that you reached your first goal, are you finding your opponents way tougher than you, or do you think you could easily beat them with a little more practice? Be it staying in the MMR zone you are in now or raising it further, keep in mind that you'll need more practice Hon unranked matchmaking raise your rank and patience to keep it high.

Another important thing: Backing down is an option. Don't force yourself to raise your MMR into levels you can't handle. Remember that you play DOTA for fun, not to be the very best, like Hon unranked matchmaking one ever was. From Valve's Free to Play movie. Instead of picking a single hero to Hon unranked matchmaking Solo Ranked with, I suggest having a small pool of heroes that you feel comfortable with, and picking only from that pool when you're going ranked.

A few tips regarding this: Versatility wins wars. While this isn't fool-proof, you should always prefer having a versatile hero pick in your Ranked Match hero pool. Because you're not playing alone, and people can be huge idiots when it comes to calling lanes. If I pick Puckfor instance, and call mid, there's always gonna be that one guy who picks Pudge or Invoker with no supports in our team, forcing Puck to dual-lane, screwing up the lanes and the game before it even begins. In this instance, if I had picked Miranathe game would still be very winnable, as Mirana can also offlane AND work in a dual lane.

You can avoid this somewhat by playing Ranked Roles, people are generally good at following directions if they are pre-ased to a role. Only thing to be afraid of here, is extremely greedy Soft Support picks like Void Spirit or Silencer. They can be excellent in the right situation, but you will have to tone down the greed on the other picks.

Prefer heroes that can also be played as supports. You may think that it's better for your MMR when you play a hard carry hero and the outcome of a game depends more on you. While this is true, it le to most Ranked Matchmaking teams being comprised of at least two hard carries and a Pudge.

Is another melee carry or mid-only hero picked by you going to be a worthy addition to the team? I think not. I know playing support is annoying, and it's true that you may very well lose a game eventually due to your carry being an idiot, but it's still better than picking yet another carry or solo mid hero and losing the game from the get go. This is why you should prefer going support over going carry or mid, unless, of course, you are THAT damn good at playing solo mid, in which case, Hello Topson!

Never try a new hero or crazy build in a Ranked Match. There's a time for experimenting, and it's called college unranked matches. It may sound harsh to say this, but if you try playing a hero that you're even in the least bit unfamiliar with in Ranked, you're already at a disadvantage compared to a guy following the elite "I only pick Viper cause he is OP" strategy.

This is because you are basing your victory on luck, not skill. You should also be wary of playing lesser-known but still very effective hero builds, such as mid Alchemist or carry Leshrac. Your allies may not know about them, Hon unranked matchmaking to misunderstandings. If you DO want to try a new hero so you can add him to your Ranked Match hero pool, you should train a lot beforehand, and I'll explain how to do so in the next chapter.

Fear The Roamer Thanks to commenter Xyrus for reminding me of this! A excellent way to change the tides of a DOTA 2 match in your favor is outing your opponent in a fight. That's why there's the whole concept of ganking: You're in a 2v2 lane, but then the opposing mid ganks you, and suddenly you're fighting 2v3. If the gank succeeds, the lane ganked will most likely be won, but if it fails, the core mid hero lost tons of farm, and possibly lost his lane against the opposing mid hero who was free-farming. Now, what if there was a way for you to ensure winning lanes without having to force core heroes to stop farming?

Well, there is, and it's playing the role of a Roaming Support. What does a roaming support do? Instead of staying in a single lane, the roaming support constantly switches lanes, and provides lane control with fast and well-timed ganks, or simply harassing opponents out of their lanes. If it works, all your core heroes will score kills against the opposition and win their lanes. If it doesn't, you will be severely underfarmed, but Hon unranked matchmaking least you're not a core hero. In order to make the Roaming Support role work for you, you need the following: - A hero that is entirely self-sustainable i.

A few notable examples of heroes that make really good roaming supports are: LionMiranaEarthshakerCrystal MaidenBounty Hunter. My winrate as a roaming support Mirana is pretty good! Cheer up, it might never happen! Stage A: Lab Time If a hero you want to add to your Ranked hero pool is one you've never played before, you'll begin at this stage. Lab Time is basically just offline practice with a hero, either with or without bots. Lab Time isn't really necessary for easier-to-play support heroes, such as, say, Tidehunter or Lichbut helps a ton if you're learning heroes with really hard micromanagement like Chen or tricky lvl 1 junglers best example here is Lycan.

For training with Blink Dagger users and initiators such as EnigmaBatriderInvokerand Earth Spirita really useful tool is -wtf Hon unranked matchmaking training. To do this, start a local lobby with cheats enabled, then type -wtf in all-chat when the game begins. Your abilities will now cost no mana and have 0 cooldown, so you can freely learn your combos. Stage B: Unranked Games Now you've learned the basics about your hero, you're ready to test him in a online match.

Even Unfair difficulty bots are deceptively easy opponents compared to human enemies, and when you switch to playing Ranked immediately after Lab Time, this will cause you to lose games and MMR. The solution? Play a few simple unranked pub games, so you can test your metal against humans, but not suffer an MMR loss for any mistakes or bad plays leading to a loss. The of unranked games you play before moving on to ranked matches is not set in stone and is entirely up to you.

If you are managing to correctly use your items and abilities, and overall feel that you're actively helping your team win, then that hero is ready for Ranked. Now this hero is part of your Ranked hero pool and can be picked by you in any game. Nothing more to say here, go get 'em! Pro Tip 1: Just because a hero made it to stage C doesn't mean you won't still benefit from a bot match or two. Training even the simplest skills like proper last-hitting is very important to fully understand a hero.

Pro Tip 2: There is such a thing as knowing too many heroes. Try to keep your Ranked hero pool at less than 10 heroes, so you can reliably train every single one occasionally. Some players like Mushi prefer being a Jack-of-all-trades player, knowing how to play nearly every single hero well, but I personally would rather be the best at playing 10 heroes than be good at playing Not pictured: Faceless Void saying "Guys I only need gold to farm Mjollnir, pls no fight" Since you're playing Solo Ranked, you're alone with four other players.

However, all five of you are going to be a team for the next forty-odd minutes, and you're going to have to cooperate if you want to win. That's why you need to be vocal and use the chat to communicate from the very beginning of the match i.

Talking to your teammates is essential to winning the game, be it deciding a strategy, whether to fight Roshan, attacking, defending, or anything else.

Hon unranked matchmaking

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