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In a single week, I was taken out for sushi and served a home-cooked dinner. To a Bozeman girl accustomed to PBR-themed dates at local dives, two nice meals in one week was a big deal. To Al, a man about town, that was an unacceptable answer.

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I explained that he was new to town, right out of law school… and that he was nice. In Bozeman, dropping in—the act of skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, and partaking in other gravity-assisted activities—consumes a great deal of our time and is one of the best ways to really get to know someone. I tried in vain to explain that my date was indeed NOT a pencil neck. There we are, soaking in a hot tub or having a beer at Bozeman Brewing.

Everyone is nice and includes the new guy in conversation, but eventually talk turns to the conditions in Bear Basin or whether Little Wapiti is free of snow. What would he think? How would this affect his opinion of the cute, seemingly smart girl he was so taken with?

Active, outdoor girls used to be a catch. Now that Bozeman has outgrown its small, mountain-town roots, should I be ashamed of my love for outdoor pursuits?

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This is a dilemma I never could have imagined. We own small businesses or work at nonprofits, giving up nights-only jobs and pursuing careers instead of powder.

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The fate of my relationship with my attractive, smart, considerate date is uncertain. Will he get it? Is our relationship doomed from the start? Or, will the Bridgers start calling his name, too? Will he start poring over maps and accruing sick days? Will he drool over gear and continuously plan rides, tours, and paddles?

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Will we eventually be telling stories that feature both of us, or is an outdoor girl no longer a catch in Bozeman? If the latter is the case, give me a dirtbag bartender whose truck is his home and his bike the main method of transportation.

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Hot looking Bozeman women

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