Hot portuguese guys

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Hi everyone! I will post some of my favorite actors in Portugal, just so you have an idea what they look like. For me, they are the hottest because they have nice bodies, but they also have that kind smile. This guy is like the Portuguese version of Zac Efron. He is one of the most popular actors here and he has great acting skills, along with a smile that melts lots of hearts.

Here you can see him dancing "kizomba" on the contest " danca com as estrelas" Dancing With the Stars. The participants have to learn to dance different types of dances in one week. Watch him dance here, too:. OMG, I can't say how I much find this guy so attractive He can't dance very well but he is very fun. This guy was my first television crush. He started in a novella called " Morangos com acucar" strawberries with sugar released in I thinkand he's one of my favorite actors because he is so playful and fun. Now he is little bit older and he changed his style along with time because of the characters, but he is still one of the hottest males in my country.

Here is a photo when he was young in "morangos com acucar" series. He played Andre with Mafalda Matos who played Sofia. In the series they spent their time teasing each other but in the end they fall in love. Now he look like this. I personally don't like to see him with long hair but he is still hot. I notice that now he is skinnier I would love to translate this but unfortunately I can't. But you can see how he looked at that time. OMG the first kiss I would like to post other actors but for today this is enough, I don't have much time.

I hoped you like seeing how Portuguese actors look; Portuguese men are hot too! Tell me which one you liked the most! If you like it and want me to post other Portuguese celebrities I can post or talk about them. Just let me know. If you saw some English writing errors don't judge me, as you can see English is not my native language. Not many people know anything about Portugal and most don't even care about it.

I personally hate a lot of things about my country but since i leave my country i started to give more value. When we are there a lot of people pass their lifes saying ahh the other countries better. They can be better in some waysbut there you feel like you have a homeeveryone know who you arewe have an incredible nature that most of the biggest countries dont havewe have so much good stuff there.

Most amazing thing that i had was wake up every morning and see a blue skyear that little birds Hot portuguese guys and see the blue ocean. It just so bad that the government is a shit. I can see a lot of attractive guys from other countries but they dont have that innocent kind smile that make your heart Hot portuguese guys.

Isaac Alfaiate This guy Hot portuguese guys my first television crush. Share Facebook. Add Opinion. Up Now! Related myTakes. Most women are not that strong and independent. Sort Girls First Guys First. Now I shall tell my boyfriend that there is a Portuguese dancing with the stars show to hide from his mom. XD I guess 2 if I have to pick but over all to me my boyfriend who's Portuguese still looks sexier to me.

Pac-Man Yoda. 1 I didn't think was all that til I saw the sexy dancing, then I was like wow. You madam, have good taste, and I I need to go to Portugal :. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more.

Hot portuguese guys

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These Pictures of Sexy Portuguese Men Prove Boys Just Wanna Have Fun