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Tipping point: 30 years after the movie that ignited the careers of Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. The perfect wave for surfing is hard to find, almost as hard as it is to discover a film that masterfully exploits the possibilities of cinema to express pure action.

Just as weather conditions affect tides, the way a film project is built will change the fate of the finished film. Limit point It was several years in development, before all the factors came together to make it a cult film for an entire generation.

One sunny day in the mids, producer Rick King was on the beach thinking about a note he had read in LA Weekly, in which Los Angeles was baptized as the capital of bank robberies in the United States. Peter Iliff, which tells the story of an FBI agent who infiltrates a gang of surfers who rob banks hiding his identity behind masks of former American presidents. Ineverything was set for Ridley Scott to direct it, with Matthew Broderick as agent Johnny Utah and Charlie Sheen as the leader of the all-out surfer and robber gang, Bodhi.

But the production ran into some problems and was canceled before starting. The fate of Limit point it was another. Four years later, the project was resurrected by James Cameron as producer and Kathryn Bigelow, who was then his wife, as director. The couple set to work to adapt the script to the style of the filmmaker, who had already shown her talent to give a twist to genre films such as When darkness fallsan original vampire film, and the thriller Fatal witnessstarring Jamie Lee Curtis.

Continue reading the story. The look of Bigelow, who became the first woman to win the Oscar for Best Director infor Live on the edgewas key in the construction of an action film that did not resemble those that had populated the screens during the 80s. It is enough to see the plans of the waves that open the film and the presentation of the main characters Johnny Utah first of backs and then in full action; the band of ex-presidents shown through short detail shots, which go from worked torsos to weapons and then masksto realize that behind the camera there was a person with a perspective different, someone capable of finding beauty in action and Hot seeking real sex val dor the seduction of adrenaline.

Another key to the film is its casting. In addition to Broderick in the first project, other actors such as Willem Dafoe, Johnny Depp and Val Kilmer were considered for the role of Johnny Utah, a character whose name gave the film Hot seeking real sex val dor title at first later it was changed to Raiders of the Stormlike the song of The Doors, until you decide to Point Breakwhich refers to the breaking of a wave. But Bigelow knew what he wanted and his chosen one was Keanu Reeves. The director had to fight for the studio to accept the year-old actor in the leading role, even threatening not to direct the film if she could not hire him.

Because Reeves was not yet the star that everyone loves. The young actor had several jobs in commercials and movies to his credit, but before Limit pointhis most popular role was that of the Californian teenager Theodore Logan in the comedy Bill and ted. This character did not seem to indicate that a future action superstar was hiding there, except in the eyes of Bigelow.

As important as the choice of Johnny Utah was that of his intimate enemy Bodhi. To embody the guru surfer with a criminal taste for adrenaline you needed an actor with particular characteristics. Again, Bigelow went for a not very obvious choice considering how he was the archetype of the action figures of the time.

Patrick Swayze had a name Hot seeking real sex val dor the industry, which he had forged with films like The outcasts by Francis Ford Coppola and The hardin addition to becoming a leading man of international fame with Dirty Dancing: hot dance Y Ghost, the shadow of love. In that combination was the perfect recipe for Bodhi, equal parts physical prowess and unbeatable charisma. Once chosen to star Limit pointReeves and Swayze had to work on certain aspects of their characters.

In the movie universe, Johnny Utah is not only an FBI agent but also has a past as a quarterback for a college football team, whose career ended due to injury. Seeking authenticity in the interpretation of a scene in which the character plays football with surfers, Reeves enlisted the help of coaches from the University of California, Los Angeles, so that his way of playing was seen on camera as that of someone who could have been a professional. Regarding the Utah police training, the actor accompanied for a time real FBI agents in full action to give a tinge of realism to his performance.

Swayze had a lead for his role that resulted in a production headache. The actor had a background in skydiving and wanted to do part of the movie sequences himself in which Bodhi fuels his addiction to airborne adrenaline and also uses it as an escape method. The actor also did several of the surfing scenes himself throughout the film, except for the last one. The look of a female director is especially noticeable in the construction of her character, Tyler, a young woman with a well-developed independent personality in the film and whose physical appearance is far from the prototype of the Californian goddess of the beach, which she had established at that time.

The way in which Bigelow portrays the bodies of both Petty and Reeves and Swayze still amazes today with its perspective that emphasizes sensuality but does not fall into exploitation. That look of the director contributed to making the public accept the protagonists as a new model of sex symbol and action star. Swayze, who died aged 57 inhe had already earned his place in the movies, but Limit point further increased his fame. For Reeves, the film was the great opportunity to cement an image of a sensible man of action, on which he built a successful career that included films such as Maximum speed and the trilogies of Matrix Y John Wickwhose quarters are already in production.

The characters of Utah and Bodhi are supported by a universe constructed to the smallest detail. The surfer culture of the California of the 90s is expressed in aesthetics, vocabulary and anti-establishment philosophy with New Age touches. Until has a small role in the film Anthony Kiedis, the leader of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and representative of that culture of that time and place. Watching the movie 30 years after its release is like finding a time capsule, but its appeal continues. Limit point It was moderately successful at the box office when it debuted inbut in the following years it became a classic.

The combination of the characters played by Swayze and Reeves, with a chemistry that turns the confrontation into something like a romance; the excellent action sequences that are the salient points of the narrative and the exploitation of the fascination with surfing and its beauty, made the film an example of the genre and a favorite of the public. The legacy of the film extended to the remake released in with the same title, which did not have the impact of the original.

But above all Limit point He became a role model for other action films and undercover agent stories. Even some with very similar plots and relationships between the characters, as is the case of Fast and Furiousthe film that originated one of the most successful franchises of the 21st century.

Like a perfect wave, a great action movie like Limit point it can be kept waiting for a long time. But when it is found, unlike a wave, it can be enjoyed again and again. Fan de culture pop. Fier organisateur. Nourriture maven. See author's posts. Tipping point: 30 years after the movie that ignited the careers of Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze The perfect wave for surfing is hard to find, almost as hard as it is to discover a film that masterfully exploits the possibilities of cinema to express pure action.

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Hot seeking real sex val dor

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