How do i get my pof account back

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POF is a master piece of fun, How do i get my pof account back the site, you can meet, date, mingle and catch adventure as much as you want to. Every average U. However to up pof dating or any of the s, you will have to follow their websites. Such as it is with pof. However, pof has a very pronounced way of getting in and out. For instance, if you want to create pofyou will have to apply for an using the steps shown you. So also to delete pof or recover deleted pofyou will have to follow the deated steps. The answer to this question is No, the truth is that, once you apply for an delete.

POF trashes all your chats, files, shared document and attachments. Also they delete your username and password. Now there is no way of getting such information back on, this is why they asks that you confirm that you want to delete your before you finally do so.

There are two ways to hide your profile; the one way is to deactivate your while the second like it is to delete pof permanently. Now if you deactivate youryour profile will be hidden from friends especially from the new owners, no one can be able to message you and no one can send you friend request.

However, one this is undone, you can then do all that you cannot do. If you have selected the option to deactivate youryou can still redo it and once that is done, everything will still be normal:. The same thing goes for Mobile phone. If you have a mobile phone, you can restore your deleted. Simply into your. Go to settings or go to profile, tap on edit and also onfollow the screen guide to complete. Thank you posting such an useful article. We are sorry about that, please can you chat support, you will see the help desk on our dashboard….

I have sent so many s and have heard nothing back. Can someone help with this? I dont know what i did wrong i have been with pof for years have made some wonderful friends i have not or ever been rude to anyone on pof i have been annoyed at a few men on here but just blocked thembut wouldnot disrespect anyone at all. I hid my photo, but so do most of the people there. At least my photo was a real photo. Did you ever figure out what to do about getting it back up? Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

July 22, Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Telegraph. I forgot my password and hit forgot password but never received a how to reset password. And still nothing. No reset for pof password nothing.

How do i get my pof account back

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How to Recover POF / Restore old POF