How to become a attractive man

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And not to mention the things girls say they like …. To separate truth from fiction. With that said, this is not so much a dating as an anti-dating guide. Instead of chasing tail, I want you to focus on yourself. I want you to get the fundamentals right, to make yourself more attractive in the eyes of women. This article is an action-oriented and comprehensive guide to raise your status in the dating market.

Women care about looks, but not as much as men do. Your fashion style is very important, because it affects your perceived body shape, als social status, and shows that you have your life put together. Wear basic, timeless pieces of high quality—and always make sure your clothes are fitted. Women find charismatic, somewhat extraverted, self-confident men attractive. More about this later. Cultivate hobbies that make you a more interesting, well-rounded person. Be ambitious, work hard, and apply yourself. These are the birds-eye view recommendations for each major pillar.

I will go into far more detail—and make concrete, actionable recommendations that will get you noticeable in months. Do women care about looks? But they care about it far less than guys do, and no matter the genes you were born with there are plenty of ways you can make yourself more physically attractive to girls. Let me dispel that fiction right now.

Women care less about looks than men do, and to the extent that they do care, they look for different things. It might be useful for you to know that girls prefer guys whose facial features are neither too feminine nor too masculine. Grooming is simple for guys.

The principles are universal, however: your haircut should look clean. Think: undercut, crewcut, classic taper, or a quiff. Make sure you learn how to talk to your hairdresser. He or she can help you determine what style would best suit your face. If you are balding and have money, consider a hair transplant. I got one and it gave me a huge self-confidence boost. Facial hair is a ifier of age and social dominance. It can age you up or down, make you look more dominant or less dominant.

In my personal experience, full beards are polarizing. Research published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology suggests that full beards are most attractive to women looking for long-term relationships. With that said, not everyone can pull off a full beard.

Most guys will look best with a well-maintained stubble or completely clean-shaven. According to research on bodily attractiveness, women consistently and overwhelmingly prefer the bodies of more muscular men. Specifically, what matters is cues of upper body strength. But, other things being equal, a leaner physique will look stronger than a fatter physique. So if you want to make your body more attractive, you need to focus on two things:. To accomplish these things, hit heavy weights and eat healthy How to become a attractive man. Intermittent fasting is also great for fat loss and it builds self-discipline.

You should be doing more to take care of your body like improving your cardiovascular health for its own sake. Instead, look at BMI and body fat percentage:. I know this may seem to contradict the research I cited earlier. Women almost always go for guys who look like soccer players or swimmers, not Olympic weightlifters. Side note on weightlifting: Consistency always trumps everything else. But if you respect yourself and want others to do the same—especially women—you need to master at least the basics of menswear and style.

Buck the trends and stick to principles and clothes that will never go out of fashion. In most cases, what makes an outfit attractive is proportion and scale. To make yourself more attractive, wear fitted clothes with small or no patterns, wear mid- or high-rise pants, and choose the right colors. That is the big-picture recommendation. Remember it and follow it. Your sleeves should end at the middle of your biceps, and you should be able to fit no more than two fingers inside them without stretching the fabric.

You should be able to pinch not pull inches of fabric on each side of your torso. It should end mid-crotch. Your pants should fit snugly around your waist with no need for a belt to hold them up, and they should gently hug your butt. They should be slim around your legs, without clinging to them: you should be able to pinch 1 inch of fabric on both sides of your thigh.

Every man has a slightly different style. The specific items that I wear are not necessarily the same type of items that you want to wear. In fact, for those of you who are looking for serious girlfriends, those are the last places you should look. Hobbies are a great way to meet women.

Not only that, every man needs a skill or hobby. It gives him confidence, and makes him more interesting to be around. These are all important factors that make you more attractive to women. Below are some suggestions to kickstart your brainstorming process:. Here are How to become a attractive man few ideas:. When you try out new hobbies, you want to think about what they belong to.

Make sure to cultivate several, varied hobbies. By cultivating a wide range of interests, you not only lead a more varied life: you also make yourself more interesting and perhaps even a little mysterious. Just like being in shape and dressing well, cultivating a set of hobbies How to become a attractive man you attractive in more than just one way:.

A major reason why hobbies make you more attractive is that they enable you to demonstrate competence in a specific field. The same applies to dressing well, by the way. Women are attracted to men that are competent. This truth really goes beyond the sphere of hobbies. Women are also attracted to men who are competent in social settings more in this later and in practical everyday settings.

Do you know how to put up a shelf? Do you know how to change a tire? Can you cook a decent meal? As a man, you should at least know some basic plumbing skills, basic mechanical skills, basic cooking, and basic construction skills in other words, you should know how to use a screwdriver and you should be able to do basic home improvements. The most important area of competence is interpersonal skills. If you want to have success with women, you need to learn solid social skills.

Besides physical attractiveness, social ability—confidence, dominance, extraversion—is the most important factor in creating attraction with the opposite sex. Guys that display the qualities of extraversion are rated more favorably than their introverted counterparts in 4 out of 6 measures. Guys with a sense of humor are perceived as ificantly more attractive than their more earnest counterparts.

Expressive, extroverted people are more likeable than reserved people. You need to know how to approach strangers, how to have small talk, how to hold a conversation, and how to create rapport. A lot of guys stick with the same group of friends throughout their lives. There are lots of resources that can help you hone your social skills.

The YouTube channel Charisma on Command is a good example: they have playlists on flirting, body language, confidence, and even persuasion.

How to become a attractive man

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How to be an attractive man (no-BS guide)