How to flirt with married woman

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Either way, the excitement, spontaneity, and general panic you felt on in the early days of your relationship have likely been replaced by familiarity, comfort, and new brand of panic associated with being the pater familias. But it can make any marriage feel, well, stale. You need to re-learn how to show your playful, appreciativeand affectionate side. You need to learn how to flirt with your wife. Shadeen Francis, a marriage and family therapist based in Philadelphia, agrees.

So, how do you build up those reflexes and relearn how to flirt with your wife? Here, with help from Francis and Greene is a refresher course in flirting. And occasionally contradictory. What else would you expect? An easy way to do that is to build your wife up in front of others. I like that. I like him. Look her in the eyes, take her by the hands, and tell her how you feel. One of the easiest ways to knock this down: Practice the posture of interest, says Francis. Maintain eye contact, smile, let her talk How to flirt with married woman interrupting, lean in, and listen to what she says.

But, seriously — put it down. In fact, turn it off. The act of snubbing ificant others in favor of technology is a very real problem — so real in fact that the act has been given its own name. So please, put it down and focus on her. Hell, the simple act of turning it off alone will earn you serious points.

Work is, in modern times, unending. s need to be sent and Slack feeds need to be scouted at all hours of the day and night. Then shoot her a text expressing how much you love her. Rub the small of her back. Hold her hand. Lightly brush her arm with your fingers. Just do something. Just simple, loving touches. These display a very specific intention: that you want to make a connection.

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How to flirt with married woman

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How To Successfully Attract And Seduce A Married Woman