How to get a guy to chase you again

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He used to be crazy about you but now he barely looks at you. You feel lonely and deprived of love and affection. You want to know why he stopped pursuing you and how you can make him want you like he used to. Did you do something wrong? Is there someone else? Have you ever been in a situation where you just met a guy who seemed to be crazy about you after only knowing you for a short amount of time?

As a result, sometimes they overestimate their feelings for a woman because of an intense physical or biological attraction. In this type of situation, it is extremely important for you, the woman, to slow things down without starving the connection. This can be tough because it feels good to get the attention and affection from a guy who is extremely attracted to you — especially when the attraction is mutual.

This type of relationship normally starts to go south after sex. This happens because sometimes our judgment and how we define our feelings for someone gets distorted by our sexual desires and the subconscious need to make pretty babies, hence the biological attraction — this is true for both men and women. For men, sex sort of snaps them back into reality. They start to realize where they truly are emotionally and they start to pull back. For women sex usually causes attachment.

Sometimes men just need to recharge and process things. Give him space and the time he needs. Continue to be the kind, and beautiful woman he initially fell in love with. Check out my post on what to do when your man stops investing in the relationship for more in-depth advice on this. This could be for a variety of reasons but there is usually one primary reason that a loss of attraction happens. That reason is sometimes we get complacent and we let ourselves go. We stop going to the gym, learning and doing our hobbies.

The key is to not allow your identity to be only wrapped up in your relationship. In doing so you will start to see your partner become more attracted to you. If you find yourself being overwhelmed with advice and still not knowing what to do just remember to be present and have fun with your man. He can sense that and it hinders your ability to be attractive.

With all that said, I want to give you some practical advice that you can start using today to reignite attraction and inspire your man to start pursuing you again. Some of this advice may feel unnatural to you because it requires a lot of patience, confidence, and premeditated action instead of the impulsive behavior that may have already become the norm for you. Sometimes the roles reverse in relationships and we women start to take on the role of the masculine which can cause a man to lose attraction.

If you want to keep your man attracted he needs to feel like a man with you. Part of that comes down to him being the aggressor and taking the lead most of the time. At this point, the best thing for you to do is stop doing all of the giving. Instead, put yourself in a position to receive from him. When you can receive from a man he feels like he can provide.

This essentially means creating the space for your man to step up and come to you. I replay it all the time on my way to and from work. Sometimes we get so consumed with trying to get into a relationship, then trying to keep the guy pursuing us, get him to propose, and everything else that comes along with being in a relationship that we forget who we are.

You have to remember that he wanted to be with you not just because you wanted to be with him but because of who you are. Continue to grow and expand on what makes you feel alive. Get out of your head and stop bringing up your fears, insecurities, and concerns. If you find yourself bringing up the same thing more than twice you may want to reconsider staying in the relationship.

Create a beautiful world with him. Being confident is an extremely attractive quality and goes hand in hand with being independent. Men value these qualities so much because this type of woman enables him to have the freedom he needs to fulfill his recreational and recuperation needs. Men are processors and they need time to themselves to de-stress and process their thoughts and emotions. She knows she is enough and she has an abundance mindset.

A lot of the advice in this post comes down to you focusing on the connection instead of problems, and working on improving yourself. This is a key factor when it comes to getting your man to want you again. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you got a lot of value from this post.

Are you Pushing Him Away? How to Find Mr. For Women Who Want More. Why he stopped pursuing you — 3 possible reasons 1. The crash and burn theory Have you ever been in a situation where you just met a guy who seemed to be crazy about you after only knowing you for a short amount of time? These are the things that initially made you attractive to your partner.

Have you let yourself go? Get out of your head and really start to experience your interactions with him. Throughout this process make sure you are remaining authentic and honoring your core values. Get in touch with your feminine energy Sometimes the roles reverse in relationships and we women start to take on the role of the masculine which can cause a man to lose attraction.

The fact is, masculine men How to get a guy to chase you again attracted to feminine women, not masculine women. How to be more feminine Accentuate your feminine assets by wearing clothes that make you feel beautiful and sexy keep it classy Allow yourself to feel deeply and to express those feelings in a vulnerable and authentic way Be nurturing to your body and to your environment by improving your self-care routine and using your creativity to beautify your environment at home and at work.

Show kindness and compassion to the people in your life by smiling and listening more to them Own your sexuality and be confident in being womanly and feminine Practice being in receiving mode. Ask your man for help with something How to get a guy to chase you again show a lot of appreciation after he does it. Men love to feel needed and appreciated! If you want to go deep and learn how to bring your man closer than ever using your feminine energy I highly recommend the Feminine Enchantment course by Helena Hart.

Remember your personality. What do you have to offer to the world and not just him? Start demonstrating who you are again and allow him to see that. Have fun. One of the most attractive qualities to men in a woman is her ability to let go and have fun. Be confident and independent. Take the time to create and build on the other pillars of your life. Remember… Men find fun, feminine, sexy, and challenging women irresistible. Pin Share

How to get a guy to chase you again

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How To Make Him Chase You Again: 5 Useful Tips