How to get him hooked on me

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Repeat as necessary. You How to get him hooked on me to be sure that this is what you want and that it makes you feel truly good. So be spontaneous and have fun. Buy water balloons and declare war with him and just go for it. About him, about your relationship and about yourself.

Men are usually the ones with a fragile ego but a real man will be proud of his woman slaying. You do you and is there any better way to get him hooked than with your amazing game? Couples who slay together, stay together! Waiting for him to help you with every decision is only going to chase him away.

There are always compromises to make and ways to work things out. Go shopping with the girls and let him go to the game. You will both appreciate the time alone you get to have and thus be more eager to finally get back together at the end of the day.

Hiding the truth from him will lead you nowhere. Little, white lies seem innocent but sometimes the truth is all you two really need. Showing him how attractive he is to you will help him feel better about himself. Do it if you really want to do it. If you feel like ripping his clothes off and getting it on right there in the middle of the kitchen, do it. A little bit of support can go a long way and we all know it.

If he did something for the both of you, make sure you thank him. The worst thing a man can feel in a relationship is being taken for granted. Soon enough he will return the favor and your relationship will ificantly improve. There is no better way to show him that you care than to show him that he has your trust. Trust him with your heart, with your memories and fears. Open up to him, no matter how scary it seems. He deserves to know how you feel and you deserve to feel peace.

And is there any better way to feel it than by building the trust? April is a relationship expert who ed Herway to teach us all how to deal with one of the most dreaded things ever - breakup. She knows just how to behave to save your sanity, and all the right moves to make if you actually want to get a guy back. Martha Sullivan. April Callaghan August 21, Share article. Be hooked yourself Relationship. Tara Brown October 28, Her and himinside his mind.

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How to get him hooked on me

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How To Make a Man Chase You: 6 Ways to Get Him Hooked