How to make him miss you during a break

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Maybe all is not lost. Here are easy ways to make him miss you. Resist the temptation to call him. You miss him like crazy, but back off a bit so that he can realize how empty his life is without you in it. That can only happen if you give him a chance to miss you! Tell his friends how great you are. Let him wonder why that is the case….

Post a few selfies. Men are visual creatures, so this will have a positive impact on him. Be a bit of a challenge for him as that will be much more interesting in his eyes. Let him see what he gave up. Remind him of your inside jokes. Now, provided he still likes to chat every now and then, it can be a good idea to remind him — in a totally subtle way — of your connection. An example could be to throw in one of your inside jokes during a text convo. Be vague about your dating life. Go on dates with other men. Cut convos short.

End it before him, telling him that you have to go get ready for an outing. You have a life! The best bit about this is that you actually have to go out there and enjoy yourself. Check out Relationship Hero a site where highly trained relationship coaches get you, get your situation, and help you accomplish what you want. Just …. Jessica Blake Jessica Blake is a writer who loves good books and good men, and realizes how difficult it is to find both. By Lyndsie Robinson. By Sarah Burke. By Amanda Chatel.

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How to make him miss you during a break

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