How to pick up a date

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I want to talk about first dates today on Caught Kissingspecifically how a guy should pick you up at the front door on a first date. My dad taught me that gentlemen should know how to treat a women and was use their manners from the first date through the duration of a relationship. When I would go on first dates I paid close attention to the small things that the guys did and how they treated me.

I expected them to pick me up for our first date and walk up to the front door to get me, not just honk! Come on! People always say you can tell a lot about a man by watching how he treats a waiter when you are out to dinner, but I think you can tell a lot about a guy by how he picks you up on a first date. I am nervous that guys today are a lazy when it comes to dating. So when it comes to having a first date, they should walk up to your door and get you! Now, if you are looking for a good first date place in Chicago I recommend planning a date night at The Bedford in Wicker Park.

They just celebrated 5 years and updating their menu so my bf and I headed there last week to taste test some of the new items. Bloglovin Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter. View the Post.

How to pick up a date

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Who Should Pick Up the Check on a Date?