How to satisfy an aquarius man in bed

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I hope you enjoy this article! Sex with an Aquarius man can be quite the adventure. Note that this post applies primarily to Aquarius Sun men, but it also hints at qualities that an Aquarius Mars, Moon, Ascendent man will have, too. Like all men, Aquarian men love the physicality of sex.

But to be truly sexually wowed he must experience a meeting of the minds before the meeting of the bodies occur. The quickest way to ruin sexual chemistry with an Aquarius man is by being routine and inflexible in bed. Aquarian men are open-minded, restless, and experimental across the board in life. This includes between the sheets. So appeal directly to his inclinations by taking the initiative and introducing unexpected intrigue into your sexual experiences.

The Aquarian man may come off cool and detached, but this guy can be super kinky. It makes sense in a way. So sexual taboos โ€” anything considered alternative, dirty, taboo, weird or strange โ€” intrigue the hell out of him. So tap into every unique, strange, and kinky cell in your body and get freaky with him. He craves an intelligent mind in bed, but rarely an overflowing emotional heart.

He can be complicated, but he wants his sexual life uncomplicated. Wide spanning feelings of independence and freedom are essential. So there you have it, some key ways to turn this man on sexually and enjoy your time in bed together. Note that he can be unpredictable with his sex habits. He may want sex a lot sometimes and very little other times. This sporadic and erratic behavior can be hard for Taurus, Capricorns, Virgos, and Cancers, who like consistency. But know that he is a selfless lover. Wear Turquoise lingerie or underwear for him.

The mix of creative green and rational blue mysteriously draws him in like a magnet. Welcome to Popular Astrology. You can learn more about me and this website here. Sorry, Charlie. This post certainly assumes a feminine-leaning person is looking for a masculine-leaning Aqua man. Loren E. Elara Hey. Inflame his desire with intellectuality and intelligence 2. Be sexually spontaneous and experimental 3. Nurture your kinky side 4. Introduce variety with sex toys 5. Keep a lighthearted attitude Wrapping it up.

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How to satisfy an aquarius man in bed

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Aquarius Man In Bed โ€“ His Sexual And Steamy Desires