How to tell a girl how u feel

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We make the simple, yet fatal, mistake of thinking the more we like her, the more she SHOULD like us back and not break our heart. You are through your mindset, decisions, actions, behavior, and responses. Most guys who go into it blindly and without thinking about fall flat on their face and embarrass themselves. It requires a better understanding of how human beings react to things being thrown in their direction. Rookies use words to try to shortcut the system and eliminate any time and work required. Attraction is usually strongest when your actions and behavior patterns communicate that you like her and how you feel.

Women actually do pay attention to and understand this on a conscious and unconscious level. To help you avoid making and huge mistake and avoid feeling like a, here are 9 effective ways to tell her you like her and 8 ways NOT to. This is putting all of your money on the table and hoping you get lucky. This option should be saved for a final Hail Mary or a rainy day.

This is not a free pass to pour your heart out and become weak and unattractive. I do not one-up her and reveal more than she does. Spending time with her, especially if she knows how important your time is, that is if you actually have a life, lol, sends all of the right messages. Especially if you just met her. Also, from my own experience, spending too much time with her also creates the risk of killing the excitement and her getting bored. The less time she spends with you and the less she knows about you, the more she wants to be around you and get to know you.

Being playful is the fastest way to build attraction and communicate to her that you like her and there is no wall between the two of you. Teasing her, without being a jerk, cuts straight through the nonsense, tells her you like her, and increase the chances of her liking you back.

Rather than announcing it, flirting is the most obvious way to tell her you like her. Most of all, just be a fun, cool, and laid back guy. Touching is by far the fastest and most powerful way to build comfort and rapport with her. It takes balls and being completely open to rejection, but begins to happen naturally once you gain experience with women and dating.

Last, show her you like her and get her attention by not making the same lame, predictable, and boring rookie mistakes as the other guys trying to get her attention. Never give her money in order to gain approval or be her hero. Leave the gift giving to the guys who want to be friend-zoned.

Again, this creates awareness of your affection for her, BUT it also lets her know she has you wrapped around her finger. It puts her on the spot, makes her feel like someone it watching her, and it makes her feel creeped out and weird. Asking her friends and family if she likes you or asking them to tell her you like her freaks her out.

Let her drink and have fun. Before computers, cell phones, and even phones, in general, letters were the main form of communication. What the hell? And your chances of that are slim to none. If you get emotional, pour your heart out, or show up in front of her window with a radio, she will know she owns you and the attraction will die.

As you can probably tell, telling her you like her and getting a favorable response can be tricky. It takes thinking outside of the box and remembering you have to spark attraction. So I never have — and have many women friends — and have never even kissed a woman. Paul, what is your reason for commenting on this article other that to express self-pity and make yourself look like a victim?

You try attracting them by getting them to sympathize with you. Quit being judgmental about information that can actually help you. Get over yourself and change it. Girls are sometimes complicated to understand. If a girl is totally into you than all she needs is your time and how you make her feel loved and respect her. If she is just in a relationship with you for fun than you gotta be careful. If you are getting the vibe of love from her side as well then everything mention in the article is worth following. I am a girl and this was very helpful. I went up to the person I liked and told her I really liked her.

She said she liked me back. Then we both kissed. It was awesome. Very helpful article, thanks for putting it together. Great How to tell a girl how u feel Those two are especially heinous. My particular downfall was writing my feelings out in letters. I was and still am very good at writing, and I was extremely shy and introverted in high school. It worked — once. The girl my study partner was pretty understanding and thought I had courage.

It was only after the first How to tell a girl how u feel only date with her that I realized I was completely unprepared for what happens next. This is one of the rare instances where I actually managed to keep in touch with her throughout high school and college. We developed a friendship a year later where we could laugh at my cringey behavior. The sexual attraction is gone, but it turned out okay in the end.

The other girls reaction was avoidance and I got a rep for being a creep. Thank god I broke out of that phase when I was If anyone even thinks this is even a remotely good idea, STOP! Keeping an air of mystery and being nonchalant about it is the key to sparking the attraction. Resist the urge to read into everything she does. It is so counter-intuitive, but you MUST make her want you by acting indifferent. Sure, lots of guys will very openly hit on her, but your self-control will set you apart from them. First of all, I work in IT and I can tell you that the info gathered about your life through the aggregation of metadata is Orwellian.

Today, most women are going to check for you on ALL those sites. The less they know, the better. Anyway, this is getting long but just wanted to add my two cents to this great article. When I was in my teens, I would say that everything I just wrote was complete bullshit. The truth is that these are the lessons you need to learn as early as possible. Hey Marc, just wanted to ask a similar question. Hey Marcus. I was hoping you could give me some advice. So the school hear is pretty much over and I want to tell this girl I like her.

We started talking over Snapchat recently and I was hoping to just say I like her. How should I do this? Or should I even? The bad news is you waited until the end of the school year to do it. I want to tell her I like her and will like to start a relationship with her but I do not know how to go about it. How do I do that????? I have this girl I met recently I think I have some likens for her though.

But she wants me to buy her and pay all for her stuff. I paid for the hair and nails once, but she wants other things too. Hey Marc, great stuff but there is this girl in my class, we are good friends stuff like that. I told her I liked her over text and the next day she said ily, what should I do?

We are both in year 7. You should not do that to your friend. Great stuff Marc straight to the point…. What can I do in this situation? That sounds weird. Stay away from women who are that insecure. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. How Attracting Women Really Works 2nd Edition — What to think, do, and say to make women want you as more than just a friend.

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How to tell a girl how u feel

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The Best Way to Tell a Girl You Like Her