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An old black and white photo of two male lifeguards has gone viral on Reddit because of the inscription written on the back. The message, dated March 26,seems to suggest the two young men, Buzz and Tommy, were maybe probably more than friends. But it has everyone on Reddit talking. Can you provide a link to this? I tried searching for it but did not find anything with that name. Ah hah! Could those be Dolphin shorts?

Beyond cute. I had to. All B4 coffee at that. Totally ruined my morning. Tho I will say, flipping is fab. I agree with Plays. Guy on right is a dream. Wow…deep, deep love right there…. You can see where words have been made in smaller letters to fit into a certain existing space.

Did you even finish school? Stop trying to be smart. A half-blind ature specialist could see this coming from a mile away…. Actually, what probably is the cause for this is that people used fountain pens back then and ink flow was not consistent as it is now with modern ball point, felt tip or roller ball pens. Personally what I think might have happened is that the ink on the photo faded more in some places than others. The person who has the photo probably went over what was written with a similar pen to darken those parts.

Yes, i noticed same thing. Having studied handwriting, you clearly see this has been doctored. The last phrase was added later. Now it may have been added by Buzz, or the person who originally wrote it. In typical Queerty fashion, there is no source for this story. What Family found this? They would know who these people are. The story does make for a very romantic read between two extremely handsome men, especially the one on the left!

Sweetie, they used fountain pens back then that put different darknesses depending on how much ink dripped in the writing. Our bond never withered or waned. Most of the men were breathtaking, with very brief briefs! Mother found them one day I love to watch maybeprobably more I was around 14 and blew a hissy. Well, we know where those mags went!

I knew when I was around age 5 that I found men attractive in an inexplicable way. I especially enjoyed looking at firm butts in tight jeans or other pants that fit nicely around the butt.

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Still do, in fact! Read into this lovely story whatever you want but the obvious fact is that these two young guys were in the prime of their lives and VERY close. One of them certainly took a risk writing what he did to his friend on the back of the photograph. I was born in Just before I turned 20 I fell in love with a guy and we lived together for 26 years. We met in and the gay scene was still for the most part behind closed doors. Have to add as a footnote: Horny young thing that I was back in the day, curiosity made me sleep with a couple of girls seperately when I was Men were much more verbally and physically affectionate in their friendships with other men in the past.

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Maybe they had a summer romance, maybe one had feelings for the other, maybe they were just close friends. Men were more stoic back then, and any hint of homosexuality was taboo. I do something similar when ing cards and keepsakes.

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I would definitely love to know their story. Even if they were just friends. Men did not talk to each other like that back then. Yeah, fellow above got it right. So two men could express their feelings in a deep way without it being homosexualized. While I do agree with the part about men being generally more affectionate with one another and not afraid to express that publicly the rest is pure BS. Not to mention factually incorrect. Do some research. And please point to any proof that men were so affectionate with each other back in the s. I was talking about this photo with a friend who, it turns out, actually owns it.

I was pretty disappointed when I received it in the mail and took a close look at it. Where did he get the photo? Where is it from? So there has to be remnants your friend could try to make out. However if you spend enough time inspecting both the back and even the front you can sometimes make a good educated guess.

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Especially if the person who wrote the inscription pressed hard enough to leave some minor indentations. It definitely does look like somebody else wrote or traced over words that had faded. Your friend has a real good opportunity here to uncover the real story. He should seek help on social media to see if anybody has information on the men photographed. Once again a new screename comes on, and with no proof tries to claim that any story of old time LGBTQ love is fake.

I can attest this was up for sale on eBay. I want to say about ten years or so ago. I snagged a digital copy for my collection before it sold. One of my favorite vintage pics. I think the captioning on the back of this photo is genuine. The write overs is easy to explain. But what intrigues me, did they continue to stay in touch or was this just a summer romance?

BTW: Definite movie material! The language then is slightly different than today. You should see the entire photo. Tommy has a nice sized tattoo on his arm that is covered up by the image of the back inscription.

Kind of makes me think he might actually be Buzz LOL.

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