Indian hot first night stories

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But, she accepted the marriage proposal because she was sure her parents would find the best guy for her. It was like a long distance virtual relationship for them. A photo posted by Indian Skin indian. My lehenga was so heavy I could not walk in it without someone holding me and heavy gold ornaments dangled from my neck, hands and ears. After my Indian hot first night stories and after the marriage procession was complete, I was exhausted.

I wanted to sleep. The smell of roses nauseated me. I was sitting at the edge of an unknown huge bed, unlike the smaller one which I slept on back home. Now this would be my home for the rest of my life. This is where I will live my life and give birth to my children. There will no longer be my mom to make my breakfast.

I will not be Aalia Mallik anymore. I will be Aalia Zaid Shaikh. It all seemed so intimidating and strange. I started crying. I heard a slight knock on the door that was left slightly ajar and my skin crawled. Aalia had been single in her teenage years and she hardly had any male friends. She lived the way an Indian girl is expected to. Virgin and within the boundaries of her culture. Marriage was an alien phenomenon for her. Love, indeed was something she never understood.

I quickly wiped my tears. He locked the door and came to sit beside me. I was in a room with a stranger, elder to me by 9 years and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I have also been through it. You will love him Aalia. Just hold yourself together. He was nervous, I could tell it right away but so was I. He looked at me and then looked away. Then he looked at me again. He was shy. If the night went on like this, I would never get to sleep.

So I initiated the conversation. This gave him some confidence and he asked me if I could be his forever. This question shifted my adrenaline to the sixth gear. We relaxed a little and started talking. The only thing he repeatedly told me was to feel at home, to feel free. We were going to have a wonderful life together, that I was sure of. He removed my kangans, my ornaments and assisted me in taking all the safety pins off my wedding dress.

His touch was warm but tender. It was like a dream for me, very different from the movies that I had seen. We undressed carefully, the knot of nikah I tied with him became the strongest knot of my life with unending love and undying compassion. We made love all night and it was 7am after I closed my eyes. It was a sexy and memorable wedding night. Most marriages in India are arranged. People who are supposed to be married have no say in it. Women are not allowed to be in relationships, asked to keep their virginity intact and share a bed with a complete stranger.

However, with time, women in India have started demanding their rights. They want to marry a man of their choice. Such is the case with Priya Chatterjee, a girl belonging to a middle class family. Priya had a love marriage. She had known her boyfriend for 2 years and in her words, she loved her truly. She has kissed her boyfriend Harry many a times but nothing more than that. They had a friendly relationship. They were lovers but they were also best friends. Her parents did not approve of her boyfriend but she forced them to. My parents wanted to marry me off to someone with a blue collar, that way I would be secure.

When I told them I wanted to marry Harry, they did not talk to me for weeks. They told me I had lost my mind and needed a checkup but I knew what I wanted. They had planned to spend their wedding night at a hotel room. I sometimes tried to tell him about it but got really nervous. Now my nervousness was at its peak. They drove to their hotel room. A surprise awaited Priya there.

I felt embarrassed and shy. I told him to let me down but he wanted to make the night special. He kept me in his arms till we reached our room. He lowered me to the floor, locked the door and blindfolded me. Indian hot first night stories was happening so fast and we both were excited. He then picked me up again and when he opened my blind, I was in the bedroom.

The bed had beautiful flowers all over it and a sweet smell hung in the air. There were small candles everywhere. I wanted to tell him how much I loved him and how much I wanted to hug him. As if sensing my intentions, he came closer to me and wrapped his arms around me. He kissed me so softly, I felt jittery. Slowly and softly he brought his lips on my neck and started kissing me.

I could feel hotness spread all over me. Abruptly he stopped. He asked me if I wanted to sleep. I wanted everything but sleep. She went to the bathroom and changed her clothes. After Priya came out, Harry took her in his arms and cuddled her. Our wedding night was unfolding perfectly but at this I felt angry. Would he tell me that I am his wife now and I will have to do it? It is a small thing for me. I want to make my wedding night memorable. If you allow me, can I proceed? I gave him the permission to kiss my body to touch me and to be mine. His thrusts were slow. I was flying in the sky and the pleasure that came with it was eternal.

I will always cherish the memories of my wedding night. On the contrary, if you like it, it becomes a lifelong bliss. But they accept them, they have to. There are times when this expectation is shattered and women have to deal with it, somehow, now that she has been married. I was allowed to see Nikita only once when I went with my parents to her home to ask for marriage.

She was dark skinned and beautiful. After they agreed to marry, they spoke very less to each other. Indian hot first night stories fantasized about Nikita all the time. He practiced in the mirror the way he would talk to her, he would tell her good things. He asked his married friends how did they spent their wedding nights and they gave different answers. The ceremonies took longer than I had expected and I saw how tired Nikita looked.

I wanted to remove that load of jewelery from her tiny body.

Indian hot first night stories

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