Infamous couples in history

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There have been so many headline-making, internet-breaking celebrity couples over the years. While it seems like some of these celebs are made for each other, not all of these pairs lasted the test of time. You may even be surprised to find out some of these couples were ever together.

Though not all of these relationships lasted, a walk down memory lane with these beautiful, of-the-moment couples will remind you why the American public fell in love with them in the first place. Some had love stories that seemed straight out of a romantic comedyothers had scandalous relationships and just couldn't stay out of the tabloids — but what all these famous couples had in common was that they were all the biggest power couples of their days.

Find out who was the "it" couple the year you were born right here. Judy Garland met her director husband on the set of the pair's film Meet Me in St. The Wizard of Oz star would split from her second husband, Minelli, inbut not after giving birth to daughter that would follow her into the limelight, Liza Minelli. He was the auteur behind Citizen Kane, s he was film noir star played Gilda, t ogether they were one of the biggest couples of Hollywoods Golden Age.

Though they pair would divorce inRita called Orson "great love of her life. When they were married inPrince Philip born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark had to give up his foreign titles, become a British citizen, and change his last name.

In the 72 years since, they've welcomed four children, eight grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren. Across the pond was the tragic love story between these two actors. They met inbut Laurence was married. Vivien was reportedly certain this was the love of her life, and they started their affair the following year.

They eventually married in and were at the height of their "couple goals" status, but health problems and their overall rocky relationship led to their downfall around Named the "best love story, ever" by The Hollywood Reporterthis couple met in There was a year age gap, but that didn't stop Humphrey from asking Lauren for her which she wrote on a matchbox.

They had two kids and were married for 13 years, until Humphrey died of esophageal cancer in She's known for her seven ex-husbands, but let's talk about Elizabeth Taylor's first. The heir to the Hilton hotel fortune, Conrad met his future bride in October and they were married in May She was just 18, and the marriage ended after just days.

Ava had been divorced twice and Frank was married to his longtime partner Nancy when the two stars reconnected and began an affair in They got married inbut frequently cheated on each other. They divorced by Surprisingly, however, they were lifelong friends. After a whirlwind romance, the dreamy Hollywood couple were married in June They had their fair share of fights and ended up divorcing, but not before welcoming daughters Kelly and Jamie Lee into the world.

Janet is best known for her screaming in Psychoso it was hardly a shock when Jamie Lee had so much success with the Halloween movies. Bythe actress-singer and her New York Yankees star beau were living a life of luxury in the Hollywood Hills.

They had a brief nine-month marriage the year after, but this was most definitely their peak. This couple had chemistry both on-screen and off. They Infamous couples in history in in Switzerland and they had one son, Sean, after she suffered several miscarriages. They divorced in after 14 years of marriage. A handsome singer and beautiful actress fall in love, get married inand have two children Sounds like a rom-com, right?

Not so much. Eddie went on to fall for Elizabeth Taylor more on those two later and divorced Debbie in The Oscar winner met her prince at the Cannes Film Festival in She never returned to acting and the couple had three children together. They lived a happy life together until Grace tragically died following a car crash in Prince Rainier III never remarried. Their first marriage lasted from —, and they both went on to marry and have children with other people.

However, they reunited, had a daughter together, and were married until Natalie's shocking death in Decades later, Robert Infamous couples in history named a person of interest in the case in After three failed marriages, she spent four years with Alfred before he died from a heart attack in They did not have children together, but had several kids from marriages.

But after Todd's death inElizabeth took an interest in her friend's husband. ByElizabeth and Eddie were married, and Debbie was left with the couple's two. Elizabeth and Eddie lasted for about five years, but then she fixed her gaze on Richard Burton. The couple met in the early '50s and secretly married in She was known for a small role in the movie Mutiny on the Bounty. In a twist of fate, Marlon met his third wife Tarita Teriipaia while filming the remake of the same film. He married Tarita that same year, even though his divorce from Movita wasn't finalized until Perhaps the closest we'll ever get to stateside royalty was the Kennedys.

They had three children together, and remained married until the president was assassinated in November Kennedy Jr. Toasting Carolyn Bessette at Their Wedding. In the s, Lena made a name for herself as the highest-paid African-American actor in the U. Around the same time, she met and married Lennie Hayton inbut they moved to Paris amid scrutiny of their interracial relationship. All of the hate Infamous couples in history racism they received didn't stop their love, however, and they were together until Lennie died in They had one son together, but Teddy Jones died in from a kidney ailment, according to The Guardian.

It was the second marriage for both of them, and they tied the knot inwelcoming their son Max in The pair was unbreakable, and they remained Infamous couples in history until Anne's death from uterine cancer in We told you this was coming Liz and Richard co-starred in 's Cleopatra she was Cleopatra, he was Mark Antony and sparks flew.

She was married to Eddie Fisher, as you'll remember, and the affair made headlines all over the world. They married in Marchbut divorced in Despite all kinds of rumors and Sonny cheating on Cher they went on to marry in They divorced inbut their music is still iconic.

While so many celebs were getting divorced, one couple who stayed together forever was Joanne and Paul. Many referred to them as "Hollywood's golden couple," which makes a lot of sense. They were both Oscar winners, had three daughters, and were inseparable until Paul's death in the year of their 50th anniversary. Elvis just couldn't help falling in love with Priscilla. The queen and king of rock were married inwhen Elvis was 31 and Priscilla was They welcomed daughter Lisa Marie inbut they divorced in Another enduring love story was the one between the ever-iconic Julie and her husband Blake.

They were married inhad two daughters together, and their union lasted until Blake's death in One of the most legendary duos of all time, the Beatles singer-songwriter and his artist wife were married in The uber famous band split the next year, and many even blamed Yoko for the breakup. The couple stayed together, had two kids, and were married until John's assassination in Before Barbra met her longtime love James Brolin, she was a year-old bride marrying actor Elliott Gould. They met while co-starring in the Broadway show I Can Get it For You Wholesale a year earlier, and their wedding took place just before Barbra's music career really took off.

Their son Jason was born inbut their rocky relationship ended in divorce in Jane and Donald lit up the screen in the film Kluteso it wasn't totally surprising to hear about their affair. At the time, he was married to Shirley Douglas. I was eviscerated. I was so sad. It was a wonderful relationship right up to the point we lived together. Though they briefly met as kids, the couple didn't get together until they reconnected in Their year marriage produced two children, but it fell apart because of several divides, including James's drug addiction.

Their tumultuous relationship ended five years later, and Steve died from cancer just three years after that. Together on and off for about 17 years, the two actors met at a party at Jack's home. She went on to publish a memoir, Watch Mewhich largely focused on their relationship. Product Reviews. Home Ideas. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Got a New Tattoo? Here's Top Advice on Aftercare. Keystone Getty Images. Bettmann Getty Images. Hulton Deutsch Getty Images.

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Infamous couples in history

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