Is being alone healthy

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Tokyo Olympics: Get the full schedule, events and where to watch. Can you recall the last time you were alone with your thoughts, without music, podcasts, friends, social media or family to distract you? Or does the thought of being stuck with your thoughts terrify you? A recent story in the Atlantic examined solitude and found choosing to be alone can boost health, if it happens in the right context.

Most likely, such measures are different for everybody. Throughout history, people Is being alone healthy alone time for religious or personal reasons, said Christine Whelanclinical professor in the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Sarah Pedersen studies mindfulness and meditation, both of which include some form of solitude. Research shows that these practices positively impact how people grapple with chemotherapy and pain, for example, while also boosting mental health.

Reading a book or knitting alone appeals to introverts because their brains are overactive. Quiet and calm keeps them from feeling overwhelmed. But solitude does not mean Is being alone healthy. Introverts still have friends and family they can rely on if needed. They just choose more alone time. Scott Bea — a clinical psychologist at the Center of Behavioral Health at Cleveland Clinic — said that research from John Cacioppoa neuroscientist studying loneliness, showed that people are lonely when they experience low social opportunity, low social skills and view social interactions negatively.

And, when people experience this chronic loneliness, it le to physical and mental health ailments. A recent study found that people who felt lonely report experiencing worse symptoms when they are sick. Even though solitude is a conscious choice that might have revitalizing benefits, people shy away from it because solitude feels scary. Studies find that people who use Facebook a lot feel lonely frequently, which translates to other negative health impacts. Pedersen believes that people can choose solitude in their increasingly busy lives. When she recommends meditation for patients, she starts with two-minute increments or encourages people to be more mindful with one task, such as brushing their teeth.

She suggests people try five minutes of solitude to start. Where you are not on your phone, you are not on your computer, where you are sitting and being? IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Share this —. Follow today. More Brands. By Meghan Holohan. Oz on 'the new loneliness,' cancer and other women's health issues Sept. Are you an introvert?

Is being alone healthy

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