Is chris brown still dating rihanna 2014

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Pop star Rihanna says she feels she has been "punished over and over" by the attention surrounding her assault at the hands of ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. The singer has opened up about the repercussions of the incident in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Pictures of her bruised face surfaced after the assault in Brown's car. Asked about becoming "a poster child for victims of domestic abuse", she said she felt forced to relive the "very serious" incident by the media.

She told the magazine: "Well, I just never understood that, like how the victim gets punished over and over. It's in the past, and I don't want to say, 'Get over it,' because it's a very serious thing that is still relevant; it's still real. A lot of young boys too. It's not a subject to sweep under the rug, so I can't just dismiss it like it wasn't anything, or I don't take it seriously.

Nobody even wants to admit it. It didn't sit well with me. Brown was sentenced to five years of probation following the assault. But the pair got back together inand Rihanna told Vanity Fair she thought she could change him. I felt that people didn't understand him. Even after… But you know, you realise after a while that in that situation you're the enemy. She told the magazine she does not hate Brown and would "care about him until the day I die".

But she added: "We're not friends, but it's not like we're enemies. We don't have much of a relationship now. Chris Brown ple for Australia visa. Chris Brown barred from Canada. Chris Brown jail sentence extended. Rihanna attacker Brown sentenced. Rihanna speaks after photo leaked. Singer Brown quizzed over assault. Related Topics. Domestic abuse Music Chris Brown. More on this story. Published 29 September Published 25 February Published 10 May Published 25 August Published 21 February Published 9 February Related Internet Links. Vanity Fair.

Is chris brown still dating rihanna 2014

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Rihanna opens up about Chris Brown assault