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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. Wondershare has a consumer rating of 3. Consumers satisfied with Wondershare most frequently mention customer service. Wondershare ranks 6th among Video Converter sites. Amanda with Wondershare helped me understand the state of a file I need opened from a company that no longer exists and which I didn't have the foresight to save on my machine. It was also very nice they sent a follow up with the whole transcript of our chat. That seems quite transparent and legit and I've not seen other companies do that. Usually just goes into some corporate black hole you don't have access to.

This company offers a money-back guarantee but then requires you jump through hoops to claim it, including attaching application logs that I couldn't get to work without Googling how to do it on my Mac using the Console app. Is wondershare safe to download a bit beyond the average user and shows they really want to make it as difficult as possible to get a refund.

I would not recommend this company at all. I am going to call the bank obviously but steer clear of this company or watch your bank t like a hawk! Is wondershare safe to download firm. Update: after numerous s I have been given three separate refunds, one of which was never explained why it was taken. My frustration was this product 'filmora wondershare ' in my opinion is the best video editing software, I'm now pleased it's sorted but be aware! Tip for consumers: Stay away; don't use them. I am rather upset.

Wondershare was recommended from what I thought was a reputable website. Zero customer assistance and you cannot find anything on their website. I did find 2 phone s, one in California another Quebec. Both have a message that no agents are available so call back later.

Really disgusted Professah Tex- I ed videos to social media using this. Hard say why. The functionality is limited, there is no PDF reference manual for the product, the on-line support is a joke as it provides VERY limited instruction on a few tasks and doesn't address technical questions seems Marketing focused.

Tried to get a ID password 5 times, each time got an back 12 hours later with a code that expired 11 hours ago, so I gave up. This was a bad purchase and agree with other reviewers that this is a software scam sell a minimally functional product with no support and try to "sell' more products or auto-renew. Stay away from Chinese based Wondershare.

I was looking software which would assist us with mind mapping and mapping some of our corporate processes. Edraw seemed to fit the bill. I went on the website, saw that it had a desktop and online version and made the purchase. Much to my dismay, I learned that the online edition was not included my purchase. It was just the desktop version. I don't think anyone would have assumed the online version wasn't built into the pricing based on the website text. I found this to be very misleading.

I approached the company for a refund and was promptly refused. Tip for consumers: I would strongly discourage colleagues from using this product due to the deceptive sales practices and refusal to make things right by offering a refund. I didn't have the product for more than 24 hours before contacting the company.

They firmly refused to offer any kind of solution. It was very disappointing. Products used: I would strongly encourage people looking for software in this area to consider Edraw's competition. SketchUp's and MS's websites clearly stated what I would and would not be getting when purchasing their product. This was in stark contract to Edraw which gave the impression Edraw was both a desktop and online solution packaged together. This company charged me for a program that was supposed to unlock my phone.

It didn't work, and now their "service team" is giving me the run around. Just refund my money. Your app was trash. Thanks but no thanks. Tip for consumers: It was very hard to navigate through the site in order to request my money back. I was unable to use it due to my phone model not being supported although when I first followed the directions before purchase it all popped up on screen as if it were.

I am now using eDraw Max for quite a few years. Great package. Very intuitive. Large of very useful templates. I tried many different drawing programs. EDraw turned out to be my preferred package by far. During all these years i needed support 2 times. This was due to crashes of my laptop. Nothing to do with the program itself. The response by eDraw Support was almost immediate and positive.

I wholeheartedly recommend eDraw to anyone who needs a solid drawing program and reliable service to go with it when needed. Wondershare usually gets your information through a 'free' offer of software. They then use that information to set up a permanent renewable billing. They do give you reminders of the billing, but do not give you a method to cancel the billing. Is wondershare safe to download went directly to PayPal to back out the billing, but Paypal will not cancel payments already sent to Wondershare. I bought a licence and they renewed it the next year without my consent! And Paypal won't even help me with that!

I bought a perpetual PDFelements licence as it was recommended as the best on the market in a review I read online. Unfortunately, the Is wondershare safe to download capability wasn't able to do what I wanted but Tech Support assured me they would improve it in the next release in about a month. My point is that it's not worth giving the Tech-support people a hard time. They have a job to do just like everyone else.

So, as the saying goes "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar". Work with them if you can, work around them if you can't. Life is too short to get irate. I have purchased it before seeing that my pictures are not able to be recovered. It made a good scan, recoverd all, but files that I wanted where corrupted. The support team was very helpful, trying to solve the problem. But finaly I wait for the refund. It's a pitty that recoverit couldn't recover my files so that would be readable, but I apritiate the efford of support team. Iztok from Slovenia. These are scammers, pure and simple.

I put in a paypal request for refund. No invoice or registration sent as promised, no response by support, no nothing. I have a lifetime purchase of wondershare video converter ultimate from that was lost during a recent upgrade. At first I was dubious about dealing with on line chat but to my delight they responded in a timely manner, even Is wondershare safe to download me.

They were patient and listened to my concerns and by the second day the problem was solved. Just as an added note I am glad I took the time to print off my purchase details and invoice and hung on to them all these years. I have used the software for a genogram, which is much better than use words or other software! It saved my life to be a student of a marriage family therapy program! I recommend this program. From my experience I would sincerely doubt the 5 star ratings being given.

I used a program called Recoverit to try and recover a file that I desperately needed. Originally I had tried to download the free trial program to recover it but was unsuccessful so ended up paying for it. The file was not recovered and I ended up not being able to access any of my files and unable to to my laptop due to the changes made, and it going for repair with windows having to be reinstalled.

After complaining as the payment was through paypal I managed to get a refund. An was sent originally in to say this but as I had not authorized them to set this up and the program prevented access to my laptop I was unaware until the following year. An was received in saying the licence was about to renew and to back with order if you do not want this, otherwise they would take the money on the card details they had.

I replied to say I wanted it stopped but received no confirmation as it was through their website, I had no copy of the I sent as a consequence. After phoning my bank twice, calling in the bank, and ringing Action for Fraud who said they could not do anything until money was actually taken, I had the bank's agreement they would stop payments from my on the card details Soft Trend Ltd had.

There was a credit balance on Paypal though so the money was taken from my Paypal instead. I opened a case with Paypal for an unauthorized transaction which was closed with Paypal saying it was not unauthorized. I rang Paypal and threatened legal action as I had already contacted the police via Action for Fraud to stop the payment and my bank had been informed and put a stop on it. Paypal opened another case but rather than it being as an unauthorized recurring payment, it was reopened as an item not received, this has been closed now in my favour with a refund being authorized. When you realize they have a recurring payment set up, as they do, often without you knowing, contact Action for Fraud in the UK, they will not do anything unless money has been taken in the first instance but at least it will be leverage with Paypal.

Calls are recorded, make a note of the details, who you spoke to and when, if they do take it you have evidence if a dispute arises with Paypal about authorization, as the offer to cancel the repeat licence by Soft Trend is a pretty empty one which they do not intend to allow, as they are after the recurring payment. It is a company which is predatory in its tactics and the sooner they are shut down the better. This is a first rate programme backed up by people who respond quickly and precisely with solid information, without asking you to pay first. Thoroughly recommend Wondershare both for their everyday PDF facility and for their more complex film editing programme Filmora.

Despite some of the negative feedback from other on this web site I personally have experienced only completely satisfying service from Wondershare for the past 3 years or so. Yesterday paid for and downloaded their PDF program. Spent 2 days trying to "log in" This isn't my first rodeo and I could not log-in; kept giving me error messages. I had brought an ed document up and tried to print it, couldn't and when I tried to get out of the document it locked me up with continuous messages.

Could not exit the document and had to go to task manager to end the program and clear the screen? After days and days of working on a video, the preview turned black. I cannot access any of the work I've done. I spent 7. I went from position 12 to position 1 and then nothing. I wasted an entire day. Please don't waste your time. Claims to be free software. Leaves behind error massage causing software after uninstalling.

These guys are crooks and scammers, lowest of the low. I had a 5 document with 60 lines of data on each. I needed to turn it into an excel spreheet where I could edit the data. Wondershare did the job! So easy and saved me so much time! Definitely recommend this product! Thank you Wondershare for a great product! Sandra Happy Customer! PDFelement does exactly what is supposed to do, at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Is wondershare safe to download

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