Islam questions chat

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The fields below are optional but the E-mail field will be necessary should you forget your password. Please Username and e-mail address then click on the Send Password button. You will receive a new password shortly. Use this new password to access the site. Home Live Help Through Chat. Islam is not a new religion, rather it is the same message preached by all earlier prophets such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus peace be upon them all.

Becoming a Muslim is an easy process. All that a person has to do is to pronounce with conviction a sentence called the Testimony of Faith Shahada. Click on the chat button if you would like to convert to Islam, or have any questions or concerns related to conversion or Islam in general. We can also provide recent converts with useful resources and advice, to help them get started with their newfound faith. Myths about Converting to Islam 3 parts What is Islam? Home articles.

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The Benefits of Converting to Islam part 1 of 3. Why Islam? Seven Common Questions about Islam part 1 of 2. The True Religion. Did God Become Man. The True Message of Jesus Christ. Islam is Most Viewed Daily. The World of the Jinn part 1 of 2. The World of the Jinn part 2 of 2. The Story of Adam part 4 of 5 : Life on Earth. List Articles Since your last visit. This list is currently empty. Kaviri, Ex-Hindu, Canada.

Most Popular Highest rated. Stephanie, Ex-Catholic, South Africa part 6 of 6. Angels part 2 of 3 : God bestowed might and power upon the angels. The Quran on Human Embryonic Development. Dua Supplication part 1 of 4 : What is Dua? Dua Supplication part 2 of 4 : Praise God in the way He deserves to be praised. Dua Supplication part 3 of 4 : Why dua remains unanswered. Dua Supplication part 4 Islam questions chat 4 : Even Prophets feel distress and turn to God.

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Islam questions chat

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