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Job interviews and dating: Is either scenario even fun anymore? Maybe during your early 20s, the thrill of the chase was exciting Job interview dating new. Movies and TV shows tell us these things work out, eventually. The stars will align, and your dreams will come true.

For most and somethings, going on dates and searching for jobs are simultaneous events — the likes of which were never taught in college. Keep reading to see how to treat your interview like a date and land your dream job. A woman searches for open positions online. You sift through job postings and weigh all your options. Some of them will be terrible. For instance, a better benefits package, a shorter commute, and a higher salary might be on job wish list.

In your next relationship, maybe you want a nonsmoker with a suitable height ratio and a real, meaningful job. Everyone is looking for their perfect match. It wants a detail-oriented team player? Now, you must make the first move. So you immediately update yourcraft an intriguing cover letter, and submit the application.

Back in the dating world, match No. No creepy introduction or cheesy pick-up lines here. They seem to have a few interesting hobbies and a decent job. In fact, they even mentioned their love of dogs. The waiting will be brutal, but you should find ways to stay occupied. Glassdoor recommends serious job applicants do a little research on their prospect before hopefully landing an interview. After all, the hiring manager is definitely internet stalking you, too. Make sure to update your LinkedIn profile, and cleanse your Job interview dating of those debilitating college photos. After a bit of digging, hopefully you see your prospect has a solid group of friends, likes to ski, and has no questionable Twitter retweets.

Woman searches for a perfect outfit. And if the ungodly amount of pressure is causing you to sweat uncontrollably, just keep it to yourself. This is where the rubber meets the road. Just like in dating, you might be seriously considering bailing on the whole thing out of sheer nervousness.

But keep walking toward the door. In both dating and job interviews, you have to talk about yourself, and that can be an unsettling experience. This is where your prior research comes in handy. Play up your strengths that will be most interesting and beneficial to your audience. Most men like a woman who can cook, just like recruiters like a well-rounded candidate.

Remember to listen. Where do you usually go? Treat your interview and dates like an active investigation. Source: CBS. Every little detail is judged, from how you hold a conversation to how they treat the wait staff at dinner. As your date is checking their phone and calling you by the wrong name, consider those some serious red flags and start looking for other options. Always follow up after a date or interview. Whether you left the interview room feeling confident or regretful, you must f ollow up with your suitors.

Send a quick or handwritten note thanking them for their time and to reiterate your interest in the position. At the end of the date, send a quick text to thank the other person and say you had a great time. Even if the date was comparable to a dentist appointment, you still appreciate the effort. Did they hire someone else? Did I say something Job interview dating Consider all your options before making a final decision.

Source: Thinkstock. The employer is trying to solve a need for more resources at the best price, while interviewers are trying to land a job they want and improve their compensation. You may be looking for a serious relationship, while your date is only after someone to accompany them through the impending wedding season. You already defined your make or breaks — will they be met? Think back on your entire process and hone in on your overarching opinion of what went down.

Couple go on a date. Will you accept the job offer? Is a second date in the cards? What if this job is a dead end? What if my new prospect turns out to be mean? Even though this decision seems like life or death, you must keep at it. Past experience will be your biggest influence, but you must follow your gut. Think back to the clues, als, and feelings throughout the process, and let that be your guide. Then, hope for the best.

Job interview dating

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