Just looking for something Derry and meaningful

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One fresher had just found out Martin Amis was her father. And they all seemed to know what sub fusc meant when it came to dressing for formal occasions. Meanwhile, at Oxford, young people sat around talking late into the night about the beauty of mathematics. There was a smart lad there from Belfast called Cliff. Unfortunately for the customers, we were the bartenders. There were a couple of booths in quite public areas of the college, with payphones inside, which students queued outside to call home, and everyone heard everything you had to say. was just coming in, but you had to trek to a basement computer room to access it.

The Troubles followed us over the Irish Sea. Our home economics teacher, who doubled as a careers adviser, at the convent grammar the school in Derry Girls was based on, had encouraged me to apply.

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Would that every young person starting off in life had a forward-thinking woman like Miss McAlinney at their back. I went over to an open day — it was my first time on a plane — then sat an entrance exam and was called for interview. I can still see myself gawking at him, standing tall against the warm yellow-coloured sandstone from which so many of the grand buildings were made.

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They offered me a place. Later, a tutor told me she selected students either because they were brilliant or because they amused her. My granny had fretted about me going to what she called a pagan country, but every Sunday I was woken early by evangelical Christians singing and clapping on the landing below my room. We had our meals in a big dining hall.

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The keen-eyed creature was rusty red, with cute ear tufts, not like the stocky and ubiquitous greys you see these days although I believe the reds are making a comeback against their invasive cousins. The squirrel stared at me for quite a while before finally putting down the bread and scampering out the window again. People seemed to laugh at how I spoke a lot. Maybe they still do. I left my bike behind and just got back on the saddle, like so many others, during the first lockdown. So few of my memories are around studying, proving the old adage that youth is truly wasted on the young.

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Just looking for something Derry and meaningful

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