Kiss in the hand

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If you're American, the Kiss in the hand of kissing someone's hand or having someone kiss your hand may be a strange one. It's not a common American custom, and even in parts of the world where it is used more often, it has declined as a popular gesture. That being said, you may still encounter the rogue hand kisser every once in a while, so here's everything to know about the hand kiss and what it means.

It's hard to trace back the history of the hand kiss because for so long it was extremely ubiquitous, especially in Europe and other parts of the world. One of the earliest references to a hand kiss is from Homer's The Iliadwritten in the 8th century. In the story, King Priam kisses Achilles' hand, asking him to return the body of his dead son. More recently, hand kisses were popular among noblemen and women in the 17th and 18th centuries. Inthe New York Times wrote a piece about hand-kissing, noting that it is still used often in Austria, Russia, Italy, and elsewhere in Europe and even today it is still used in these areas.

The meaning of a hand-kiss depends on the context, of course. If you go to an opera at the Vienna State Opera or somewhere else super fancy and someone you're introduced to bows and kisses your hand, it's mostly likely just a respectful greeting. If you go on a first date and your date greets you with a hand kiss, they're most likely just chivalrous and old fashioned, trying to keep old traditions alive.

If it makes you uncomfortable, let them know, so you can continue your date without worry. Sometimes, though, it can be used in a more casual, meaningful way. Maybe you're sitting across the table from your ificant other on a date and they grab your hand and kiss it gently. This is just a of love and admiration. You're across the table, so they can't reach your face, but your hand is easily accessible, so they kiss that instead. Again, though, if you don't like it, just let your partner know, but if you do like it, enjoy the gesture of love.

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Kiss in the hand

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