Kiss on cheek

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I never meant to kiss Miuccia Prada. Not on the lips, anyway. It was a muggy afternoon in the spring ofand I was in Tokyo at the opening of her new Miu Miu store. I had been waiting in line to congratulate her. A famous French actress stood two people ahead of me at the front of the line. The next person followed suit, making it through the exchange without incident. Then it was my turn. I kind of cranked forward and cupped Mrs. Then I lurched even closer, barely grazing one side of her cheek on the first try.

On the second, determined this time to make contact, I touched the hinge of her lips to mine. Kiss on cheek have tried my best to avoid la bise — a gentle, platonic kiss said to have been introduced to the French by Roman soldiers during the Gallic Wars — ever since. The agreed-upon of kisses varies not only across countries but across regions within countries.

In early April, Dr. Anthony S. Whither the heart and soul from six feet away? Not everyone does. We were preteens in Queens in raver jeans trying out a fancy French affectation. Another great equalizer is la bise, which, along with potential confusion, does confer a bit of warmth and good will. Its decorum is somehow both elitist and democratic. The American-born Moschino creative director, who has shown recent collections at the New York Transit Museum and on the lot at Universal Studios Hollywood, announced at the beginning of the year his plans to move the Kiss on cheek of his namesake line to couture week in Paris.

I like human touch. Now, of course, la bise is off the table for the foreseeable future. What can replace it? A bow could be nice, but the deference runs upstream of intimacy. The namaste seems stressful. The chest bump and elbow tap should be reserved for pickup games and dive bars. For better or worse, nothing compares to the thrill of landing a double kiss, or the dread of botching it.

Farewell to the Friendly Cheek Kiss.

Kiss on cheek

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