Ladies in leather gloves stories

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To anyone who re this story. This story is absolutely true. It took place 7 years ago. My Wife provides an event like this about once a year. We have been married now for 16 years. Let me set the stage.

I am a Leather Glove fetishist. I grew up in the northeastern United States, which exposed me to my fetish quite often during the winter months. Since I was a young boy the first thing I looked at when seeing a woman was her hands to see if she was wearing Leather Gloves, then Footwear, then Coats and Jackets.

When I was in high school a very beautiful woman dropped off her daughter while I was standing in the school entrance way. To make matters worse, while She stood directly in front of me She removed one Glove and exposed a Long Set of Dark Red Fingernails, scratched an itch on her face and pulled the Gloved back on tightening the Glove fingers over the Long Nails.

She then extended Her Fingers as if admiring how the Gloves fit over the Nails and then moved on. This had a tremendous effect on me. The Glove and Nail combination is still very important to my fetish. My Wife has known about my fetish since before we were married and supports it. I shared my high school story with Her shortly after our marriage. Since that time has always has Her nails professionally done. My Wife is not normally dominant in the relationship, but there are times when she gets in these moods that I really love. They are infrequent so when they come they are a very unexpected surprise.

At the time of this story my Wife and I lived in a very cold part of the United States. It was just about AM and my Wife proposed we go to a nearby mall to buy a pair of shoes for a wedding we had to attend that evening. This did nothing for me, as this meant velvet mid Heel shoes, but it was a shopping trip with my Wife so I gladly went along. She was wearing ivory pleated stretch pants, a white heavy turtleneck sweater, and short low Heeled black boots.

I sat on the couch to wait and Ladies in leather gloves stories she appeared my jar dropped and my stomach turned. The Coat is only for special occasions as it was very expensive. Until this time the Gloves had only been worn in the bedroom. My Wife has no problem being very selfish during these moods, denying me not only release, but even physical contact.

When She is like this She will be the initiator and I do not cross the line. She allowed me to help Her with Her Coat and we were off to the mall. I was very quiet as I normally am when very excited. We then walked into the mall. We walked through the mall and entered a specialty shoe store. It was empty as it was early in the morning.

Instead of going directly to the formal occasion shoes She walked over to the Boots. Knowing my taste, She picked up a tall pair of severe High Heel Black Leather Boots and asked the young sales girl probably about 21 years old for Her size. When the girl walked away my Wife turned and smiled that special smile at me. She allowed me to take off Her Coat, and She then sat down in a fitting chair. The girl retuned carrying the large box and set it down in the chair next to my Wife. She then walked away leaving my smiling wife and I alone.

My Wife Ladies in leather gloves stories to me to sit in the chair next to the box. I quickly sat down. My Wife was now sitting two chairs away with the box of Boots on the chair between my Wife and I. She opened up the box and the smell of the fresh Leather filled the air and mixed with the smell from the Coat I was respectfully holding. As expected, my stomach was churning and I swallowed hard. She then reached down, and the Gloves extended out of the sweater as She removed Her right boot exposing her knee high stocking. She picked up the right boot, held the top of the shaft with Her right Glove and slowly unzipped the Long Boot with Her left Glove and removed the cardboard insert.

She again extended the Gloves as She slipped the Boot on, put Her foot on the floor and slowly pulled the zipper up with her Left Glove and crossed Her legs. Just then I was brought back to semi consciousness by the sales girl who was now standing in front of my Wife. She then brought the left Glove underneath the Spiked High Heel. This Glove also extended nicely from Her sweater as well. Her Long Nails seemed to be trying to rip through the soft Kid Leather Gloves, which were now almost fully exposed. All I could do was swallow and nod my head yes. The sales girl then asked my Wife to try Ladies in leather gloves stories the other Boot and walk around.

Since the store was still empty my Wife agreed. At this point everything began to blend together and I was no longer able to record those all-important details in my mind. I jumped up and helped her teeter to her Feet. She wobbled for a moment, let go of my hand and began to walk away from me. The High Heels accented Her rear figure. She fastened one button and again turned and walked away from me. I felt completely numb. Here was my Wife, standing five feet eight inches tall 1.

My Wife then sat in the chair and removed the Boots. My Wife continued to display her Gloves while she removed the Boots. The sales girl then came from behind the counter and repacked the Boots in the box. She carried the box to the counter and my Wife had to prompt me to go pay for them, as I was almost unable to move. I then paid for the Boots and we walked from the store. We left the mall and drove home. My Wife was different in the car on the way back. She nestled next to me in the car and rubbed me through my pants all the way home.

When we finally arrived my Wife and I entered the house. She took the bag containing the box of Boots and went right to the bedroom and closed the door leaving me standing there. About three minutes passed and the door opened. Knowing not move, She reached out, fully extended Her right Glove and began to squeeze the head of my swollen member over and over again.

I nodded, but She made me answer again. She then turned and bent over the bed and allowed me to penetrate her from behind. I carefully did so as my wife does not like to be forcefully penetrated. It was difficult and kind of frustrating to me as she was about two inches 5cm taller than me while wearing the Boots. My Wife could sense this. I finally made my mount and brought here to an orgasm. Once She had Her orgasm She told me to pull out which I reluctantly did. The Mall To anyone who re this story. Next, the wedding, if anyone is interested.

Ladies in leather gloves stories

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