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Mormon Life. But when the moment comes to stand up in front of our fellow ward members, including family and friends, we freeze up. What do we say? The "this is for me, not you. The topic-teller. The definer. But the opening of a talk sets the tone for the rest of what you're going to say. Help your listeners stay engaged—and feel like a talk-giving pro—by trying one of these talk-starter alternatives: 1. Share a personal story. Explain how you gained your testimony of this principle.

Bonus: this is a great way to engage younger listeners as well as adults. Tell a relevant joke or humorous story. A short and relevant! President Monson is a great example of this ; he tells amazing stories—even during general conference talks—which have light-hearted moments of laughter, but also a moral to learn from.

Start with a powerful quote. Short, catchy phrases are easy to remember, and a good quote can really help people focus on the subject at hand throughout the rest of your discourse. Share an allegory or object lesson. The Great Teacher Himself taught by sharing allegorical stories. Borrow a story from the Bible if you topic permits; search online or ask around for other more modern examples of object lessons that can help make your talk interesting and memorable straight out of the gate.

Elder Bednar is particularly good at sharing parables— study his talks for awesome examples, or check out Object Lessons Made Easy from Deseret Book. Comment on the meeting. Thank the chorister and organist for the music. Mention something you learned from speakers. Even just share how glad you are to be in this ward. It will speak to the hearts of those listening and make weak things become strong unto you. But nothing cuts through the static like the spoken word.

Do you long to be able to persuade others? Do you want to be able to command a room? Do you want to say the right thing at the right time? Words are powerful when they are used correctly. With humorous stories and inventive, practical tips, communicator Steve Brown shows you how to speak with authority, win an argument, overcome your fears of public speaking, and more. This revised and updated edition includes three new chapters to help you navigate the ever-changing Lds talk openers landscape, with specific advice on reaching younger generations, savvy use of social media, and more.

You can become an effective, persuasive speaker no matter who you are or what your line of work. It all starts here. Among them are many Latter-day Saints and as athlete ambassadors for their respective countries, these competitors have a special opportunity to share their faith and convictions online. Here are just a few examples of these incredible athletes sharing their beliefs with the world.

Note: Captions and quotes have been edited for clarity Jarod Arroyo: meter individual medley, Puerto Rico InOlympic swimmer Jarod Arroyo baptized his little sister, Jill, and shared a beautiful photo of the Why is the Church governed by councils and what is it like serving in Lds talk openers This month, the Church News is diving into the council system on all its levels and how revelation acts as a guide within that structure.

In a recent podcast episode, Church News highlighted quotes from interviews with some of the Apostles about their experience serving in councils. During the episode, President M. Russell Ballard explained what councils look like from the first council story in the Pearl of Great Price to leadership Brother Brad Wilcox meets pioneering Ethiopian family, Lds talk openers how living in Africa shaped his career and testimony Emily Abel - A little over a month ago, LDS Living published a story about Betty Zermariam and Woudneh Redahegna remarkable couple from Ethiopia who have had a great spiritual and temporal impact on their country.

I eagerly opened the message, and there my surprise continued. Brother Wilcox explained that in the What was life like for Saints sailing from England to Zion? A pioneer's journal recounts details Clark B. My mother was the daughter of John and Sarah Penfold.

When I was in my twelfth year, my parents ed the Latter-Day Saints. On November the 5th I was baptized. The following May we started for Utah. We left our home May 19, We came to London the first day, the next day came to Liverpool, and [then we] went on board the ship Horizon that The original song features artists Kirk Franklin and Tori Kelly. She could no longer hide her grief from her coworkers. After months of testing and trying to figure out what was going on with the health of her thenyear-old husband, Christopher Clark, the worst possible case scenario had been confirmed: Christopher had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALSa neurodegenerative disease that ravages the body.

While she was on set, Christopher called to talk with Lisa about a specialist, and It was also under those branches where his mother taught her son that one day, he would need to venture beyond the shade of that tree. He had been reading Also, the house of the Lord in Sydney, Australia has temporarily paused its worship ceremonies. Since Maytemples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been reopening in a cautious, careful way, in five phases and based on local circumstances and governmental restrictions related to the COVID pandemic. Temples in the first four phases are operating on a limited basis.

Key precautions are in place for Washington D. This news was made Tuesday, July 20,in a letter from the First Presidency and shared during a media event at the Washington D. A media day for the renovated temple will take place on April 18,followed by private tours for invited guests from April Lds talk openers to April A two-month public open house will then begin on Comments and feedback can be sent to feedback ldsliving.

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Lds talk openers

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