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Minted are leading providers of lingerie models, and have regular bookings from our branches across the UK and Europe. We provide glamour lingerie style imagery for l-mag publishers, and also commercial lingerie work for catalogue and brouchure companies. Minted also hold regular lingerie photo-shoots at our studios around the globe. Lingerie models, similar to swimwear models, should have a well proportioned body, and be well toned with attractive features. Lingerie models should be confident and not be too skinny or athletic, with a B-DD bust and confidence in their figure.

Minted Commercial style lingerie models can be used in a variety of photo-shoots from magazines to print, and marketing to holiday brochures. We also produce more glamour style images of a more sexually suggestive nature for l-mags, newspaper, print and calendar photoshoots. We have many international clients booking Minted Lingerie Models, for a variety of asments. We have catalogue contracts to fullfil each year, featuring the latest lingerie ranges Lingerie model search leading deers, together with other commercial, editorial and advertising campaigns.

We also have monthly over-eighteen studio glamour lingerie shoots for leading UK and international l-magazines. Lingerie modelling is one of the most popular booking types, to search for castings in your area please create your free profile and browse our jobs section.

Lingerie models should have a tight, toned body with no excess muscles or cellulite. A slim, proportioned figure is essential for lingerie modelling, together with beautiful hair and skin. Minted lingerie models will usually have a bust cup size between B and DD.

Experienced and fresh new-faced lingerie models are regularly required for a varierty of shoots. We provide all the help and advice you need, and can offer unlimited support and guidance to ensure that you have an exciting path ahead in the field of lingerie modelling. No experience is necessary, just an attractive physique, and slim busty figure. If you think you have what it takes, please take a few moments to create your free profile and set the ball rolling towards an exciting career in lingerie modelling.

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Romani, 25 Yeovil, England 4. Sandra, 23 London, England 4. Ezzie, 31 Cumbria, England 4. Katya Model, 31 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia 4. Ariel Lyndsey, 29 Clearwater, Florida 4. Natasha Oliver, 23 Bury st edmunds, England Lingerie model search. Bodyofbee, 30 London, England 4. Call Us Today! info mintedmodels.

Lingerie model search

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