List of topics to talk about with your girlfriend

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We know you will also like this related article on Things a girl wants to hear from her boyfriend for a great list of more sweet things your girlfriend wants to hear from you. Share of List of topics to talk about with your girlfriend who are in love in Source: Statista. Knowing how to keep conversations going with your girlfriend is, therefore, a good skill to have. In this article, we will be helping you with subjects to talk about with your girlfriend. When it comes to having a good conversation with your girlfriend and how to talk to your girlfriend, there is no rocket science to it.

Different things work for different relationships but ultimately the following 2 important considerations must always be at play in order to have a good conversation with your girlfriend:. Being too busy to have heartfelt conversations is usually how relationships start on a downward spiral.

If you are always too busy to make out time for your girlfriend to have conversations, it is only a matter of time before you both start drifting apart, and this cuts across both ways. And when you start drifting apart because of inadequate time talking to each other, when you eventually get around to talking, it would feel awkward and forced. You will start to feel like strangers around each other, and before List of topics to talk about with your girlfriend the relationship would lose the spark it had at the start of the relationship.

To avoid this happening and to ensure that you always have a good conversation with your girlfriend, always making out time to hang out and talk is therefore very important. You can just hang out and goof about or joke around or whatever. But whatever it is, ensure that there is constant quality time spent together communicating and keeping the chemistry going. We will give you enough material to work with in this article by giving you a long list of interesting topics to talk about with your girlfriend. Making out time to hang out and talk with your girlfriend is one of the things a good boyfriend does.

To see a list of other things a good boyfriend does, check out our related article on 25 Remarkable Things a good boyfriend does. Nothing annoys a girlfriend like a boyfriend who is not actively present in the conversation. You show her you are actively present by:. Learn about other things that annoy girlfriends in our article on How to stop being annoying to your girlfriend. Here is our list of interesting topics to talk about with your girlfriend. We have divided it into several for you to choose from the topics that interest you. Conversation starters at the beginning of a relationship are usually not very hard to navigate as the chemistry and flame are still very much high.

However, as the relationship gets older, conversation starters can start to thin out and become a monotone. This does not however have to be the case. These conversation starters will never grow out of fashion no matter how old or young your relationship is, and you should never grow tired of using them. This will never go out of fashion or be outdated because every girlfriend wants to vent about how good or bad her day was at the end of each day. This is a good conversation starter that tells her that you always interested in how her day went.

Find out what she used her day to do. Whether she went out to get her nails done or hang out with her girlfriends or just chill at home, your girlfriend will relish the thought of giving you all the gist of what she got up to in the day.

Which girlfriend would not love to hear this as a conversation starter hahaha. This is sure to bring a wide smile to her face. Awwn how sweet! And of course she did. She will be sure to tell you in her sweetest cutest List of topics to talk about with your girlfriend and hopefully with a kiss too. Enough said lol. Such a loaded compliment will make her feel desired and have her feeling on top of the world throughout.

You can remind her how hot she looked when she gets back and follow it up with how her outing went. This is a great conversation starter for when you are both trying to decide on what to spend your day doing or on what to eat, especially if you are ordering take outs at home. You can then trade ideas and have a whole conversation about what you both feel like doing for the day or eating for the day. Girlfriends like a man who can also take charge. So sometimes, rather than ask her, try something different and have a conversation about what you want to do differently. Or you can just surprise her by showing her what it is you want to do.

And this can be a different outing, a different cuddle time, a different restaurant, and the likes. There are obviously a thousand and one topics to talk about with your girlfriend. This is an important conversation especially if you see your relationship as a long-term affair and not a temporary or short-term relationship.

This conversation would also help you get an idea of what her expectations are. It would also help you know how committed to the relationship she is and how invested in the relationship she is or wants to be. Some guys like an ambitious driven woman with goals and plans. If you fall in this category, then it is important to have this conversation early on so that you know early on if she is the type of ambitious woman you want to build a committed relationship with.

And even if she may not have future plans at the time you asked, asking her about it would get her thinking about it. It would also make her happy knowing that you take an interest in the things she likes and wants to do with her life. It is also as important to share with your girlfriend what your plans, both present, and future are, especially if you see her as the woman you want to build a future with.

Discussing your plans and ambitions with her will show her that you consider her important to you and see you guys as a formidable team. Our article on How to talk to your boyfriend about the future can also give you more insight on talking about the future with your girlfriend. If this is the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, this is an important relationship talk to have. With the marriage talk you want to find out:. Not sure marriage is for you? Even if you are not getting married yet, it is important early on in the relationship to have the money talk.

You need to know what her views are on how the money responsibility should be shared between the both of you. This is never a comfortable conversation to have, but it is necessary and important to have it. This is especially important if you notice that your girlfriend is a big spender and loves a lavish lifestyle that you cannot afford. Let her know where you stand financially so that she can decide if she wants to stay. This is another great serious relationship topic that tells her that you see her as an important part of your life and that you want to build something with her.

When it comes to what to talk to your girlfriend about on the phone, it is not advisable to have serious conversations over the phone. The serious talk should be reserved for face-to-face discussions. But you can have the following conversations with your girlfriend over the phone. This would warm her heart and endear her all the more to you because it tells her you are considerate and very thoughtful.

Random calls in the day to check up on your girl is a sure-fire way to keep love burning. It is one call she would never say no to. Even if the call lasts only for less than a minute, the thought behind it is what makes it such a potent and powerful call.

Every girlfriend wants to blush at sweet random text messages from her boyfriend during the day. Drop her a one-liner or two telling her how much she means to you and how much you miss her. Late-night conversations can only mean pillow talk, or else what are you talking about right? But seriously, late night conversations are the best times to get the love switch turned up twice a notch. Here is some pretty lovey-dovey stuff to talk about in between the sheets.

Talking about it will certainly have a turning-on effect and the rest as they say is history. Late-night conversations should never be about arguments. If you had an argument during the day, use the light night to kiss and make up both literally and figuratively.

And a good place to start is by telling her how much you love her and how much she means to you. This is especially helpful if you suspect your girlfriend has body image issues. Affirming to her how wild her body drives you would give her a confidence boost you would not understand. And even for the confident woman, this still adds an extra jolt to her body confidence because every woman and man too wants to feel desired and wanted.

No better time to let your imagination run wild than late at night. If your fantasy is traveling to the moon and building castles there, why not share those. You may just find that you have shared fantasies. And you may just get an inspiration or two about new things to try out in your relationship. Great random questions always have a jolting effect on relationships but in a good way. It takes your partner aback and also makes them realize just how much they mean to you and you mean to them. Always inject that excitement and fire into your relationship with any of these great random questions.

She would be taken aback by this rather odd question because she would not be sure how to answer it. You get the drift. Remember, timing is important with this question because asked at the wrong time, it would have the opposite effect of making her think you doubt her love for you. This is another one of those random questions that leave her confused about exactly what you mean or the type of answer you are looking for.

Another random question to get you to make her blush. With boyfriend and girlfriend question games, there is no limit to the kind of questions you can ask. The following themes work well for Boyfriend and girlfriend question games. This one is a great theme to remind each other of how you both met and the moment your special bond was formed.

You can ask each other questions like:. It could be:. This one helps you to discover more about each other in terms of tastes, and habits.

List of topics to talk about with your girlfriend

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35 Interesting Topics to Talk about with Your Girlfriend