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He was drunk and aggressive. She kept pushing and yanking until she suddenly shot backwards and tumbled off the bed. They feel dirty and just want to clean everything off. She awoke to someone tugging down her pants, reaching between her legs; she struggled and kicked, and he lumbered out of the room.

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Jane is a tall basketball player with bright eyes, rectangular black-framed glasses, and a wide, eager smile. But for years, she felt scared, hypersensitive, and depressed. She never told her parents about the incident; she was too afraid of what would happen, and anyway, when she told one of her sisters, the only response she received was a dry laugh.

Growing up in Tanana, a town ofthe prevalence of this kind of thing was common knowledge, but rarely discussed. Sometimes people pressed charges; most of the time, though, nothing happened. Then, last year, Jane ed the Tanana 4-H club, a newly minted outlet for local youth of all ages to gather and play games and craft things like blueberry jam and beaver hats.

Erickson says she started the program because of suicide: Three years ago, there were six in Tanana. But what began as a diversion quickly became a safe place for kids to share all kinds of traumas they were witnessing and experiencing: sexual and domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, death after brutal death. Last fall, the group was asked to give a presentation at a statewide conference held by the First Alaskans Institute in Fairbanks.

The presentation was met with a standing ovation, and it took the kids nearly two hours to make it from the stage to the back of the conference center, thanks to all the members of the audience who stopped to hug them, weep, pile up cash donations on a scarf on the stage, Live web cam sex Tanana Alaska tell them how proud they were.

In some cases, audience members felt inspired to come out about their own abuse. After the presentation, she called her children and apologized to them. The impact that Jane and her peers made at the conference seemed to launch a new era of transparency in Alaska about domestic and sexual violence; the media splash that followed drew a groundswell of support both for the 4-H youth and for recent state efforts to both document and prevent these crimes. In its short history as a state, Alaska has earned an unnerving epithet: It is the rape capital of the U.

And, according to the Alaska Victimization Surveythe most comprehensive data to date, 59 percent of Alaskan women have been victims of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, or both. But those s, say researchers, just skim the surface, since sex crimes are generally underreported, and may be particularly underreported in Alaska for cultural reasons.

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The causes of the violence are complex and entrenched. Not the least among them: the lack of strong law enforcement presence, or support services of any kind, in remote towns like Tanana. And for people not to get help. Some believe that this fact both attracts and encourages criminals. It happens at alarming rates in urban Alaska, too. InAnchorage and Fairbanks had the highest rape rates of all cities in the U. Some bars in Anchorage and Fairbanks are known for a prevalence of date rape drugs; others, in Fairbanks, are known for shunning members of the military after too many brutally violent nights.

The U. But while rates of victimization are much higher among Alaska Natives—a survey from that analyzed law enforcement data in Anchorage found Alaska Native women 9. InAlaska governor Sean Parnell launched Alaska Men Choose Respecta statewide prevention initiative that combines pervasive public service announcements and annual rallies with a slew of other incentives, including increased sentencing for sex offenses and mini-grants for violence prevention projects. But some argue that focusing on a centralized criminal justice system and government-led initiatives can only go so far.

In a state where hundreds of roadless communities are scattered across hundreds of thousands of miles, and where the storied rates of violence against women can hit percent in some villages, silence is the norm, and violence is almost expected. In many places, silence still endures. Tanana is nestled at the intersection of the Tanana and Yukon Rivers, about miles northwest of Fairbanks, and is one of Alaskan villages off the road system. In January, temperatures can plunge to 60 or 70 degrees below zero, and the life-giving river is frozen solid.

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The sky gradually pales around 11 a. To get around, most residents drive open-air snow machines, staving off the wind chill with the wide earflaps of homemade marten-fur hats or, in one instance I observed, strips of cardboard and duct tape. A petite teenaged girl with long dark hair and spindly legs waltzed through the pinging entryway wearing only basketball shorts and zebra slippers. An older woman a few rungs above us tapped her on the shoulder, and as she turned, her face lit up, recognizing an old friend; they spoke eagerly for most of the rest of the game. On our way out, Erickson ran into a young woman.

Erickson has a cap of frosted curls, high cheekbones, and gem-like blue eyes. After the 4-H presentation, she told kids to be on guard for backlash. For many families, the sudden publicity felt threatening. Why had she waited so long to talk about it, and why to the entire state? The Alaska Federation of Natives asked the Tanana 4-H group to repeat their presentation a few days later, at a second, larger conference.

For Erickson, evasion can cut as deep. To her, all the publicity following the 4-H group's speeches was an embarrassment; you kept private things private. While few victims deny that sexual assault and domestic violence should be punishable crimes, the public shaming of an elder or father or brother is a big deal in a village where everyone is related—either by blood, or by a lifelong relationship just as binding. Winters are long, brutal, and dark, and in a tight-knit, tiny community, connected to most of its income, medical care, and law enforcement only by airplane, conflicts often simmer in silence.

For that reason, family members often blame the victims, or the friends of victims, who attempt to report a crime, out of fear of losing material support, or a vital link in a precarious web of familial structure. It took one woman 30 years to begin speaking about the time she was gang raped in Tanana. I had a gun and was going to kill him. I thought if I told the cops, then everybody would know.

What would people think? So I just suffered with it. He beat the shit out of her! But she was looked down on for a long time. Jane told Live web cam sex Tanana Alaska what the man had done and they urged her to press charges. It employs roughly 30 troopers. Because the area they patrol is so large, and staffing so slim, the amount of time it takes for state troopers to arrive on the scene is anywhere from several hours to several days.

And since effectively prosecuting a sexual assault often requires a forensic examination to collect DNA evidence—an exam that typically can only be conducted in full in urban hubs—by the time a victim gets one, if she gets one at all, the hour collection window may have passed.

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The bill also set aside limited funds for firearms training. But the jobs are difficult to fill. Hiring officers from outside a village or its surrounding communities can present all kinds of challenges, from housing shortages to high rates of attrition, but hiring from within often forces a cop to choose between his job and his family. When Americans and Russians began showing up in Alaska, they brought with them—as settlers did in the rest of the U. In the late s, small pox wiped out a third of the Native population in southern and western Alaska.

Ina flu and measles epidemic did the same—or worse, by some estimates. Then, shortly after the second pandemic, many Native Alaskan children were shipped off to boarding schools—some as young as 6 years old—and many were beaten, sexually abused, and urged to forget their languages and cultures. In a few villages, multimillion-dollar lawsuits were filed against Catholic priests and church workers for molesting almost an entire generation of Alaska Native children.

The suits were settled in and Public health nurse Paula Ciniero has worked in 10 villages in the Fort Yukon subregion of the Interior, a vast swathe of land north of Fairbanks, for the past decade. She focuses on various public health needs such as immunizations and tuberculosis testing at local clinics, but she says roughly three quarters of her time these days involves sexual or intimate partner violence.

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This is further exacerbated by the Live web cam sex Tanana Alaska that traumatic experiences can lead to alcohol and drug abuse, and alcohol and drug abuse can lead to further traumatization. Detective Vandervalk, in Anchorage, notes that the average blood alcohol level for a victim at the time of a rape exam is. Ginger Baim, the former SAFE director, claims that almost all sexual assaults that have taken place in Bristol Bay region for the past 25 years are not only facilitated by alcohol, but happen when a victim is passed out cold.

Her own assault, when she was a teenager, happened that way—and the man who raped her may also have been affected by fetal alcohol syndrome. It lies steps from the village medical clinic, which is right next to the school. Inside, the center is warm and comfortable, with two soft brown couches and several armchairs.

One woman told me that, historically, the kind of sexual abuse and assault so many people were experiencing was huklanior bad luck, so no one spoke openly. Public health nurse Paula Ciniero is part of a grant-funded collaborative team that travels statewide, leading workshops on identifying and healing from domestic violence and sexual assault.

While Erickson claims with a weary laugh that her general store has served as an unofficial talking circle for 28 years, health aides from the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium did organize an official healing workshop in Tanana shortly after the 4-H presentations. And many Tanana residents appreciate the idea, at least, of speaking out. Erickson gets s and phone calls every day now, and is constantly fielding requests to bring the 4-H kids to other conferences and gatherings. In March, Erickson took a few of the 4-H kids to the Cama-i Dance Festival in Bethel, a southwest hub community halfway across the state, scrounging together the funds through donations of airline miles.

The girls who attended gave a short speech, showed the video from their first presentation, and met dozens of other kids who had identical stories to theirs. They were just called good people. Jane says her parents stopped drinking after the presentations—a huge shift, although she claims it was for physical health reasons.

She also believes there are fewer people stumbling around the streets of Tanana intoxicated, and fewer parties in the middle of town on weekdays. She wants to be a state trooper, a teacher, or a chef, and plans to go to college in Fairbanks. But becoming a celebrity, thanks to the presentations, required some adjustment.

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So many people began dashing up to her at basketball games, telling her how brave she is—it was gratifying, but also a little unsettling. She was one of the 4-H kids from Tanana. A few months ago, Jane received an from a national 4-H director, in Washington, D. When it comes to this, there are no second thoughts.

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Rape Culture in the Alaskan Wilderness