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I have compiled this list of best petite clothing brands to share with you in this post, but before that, let me share with you what prompted me to write this post. I recently went to an entrepreneur conference, where I met this lovely petite girl boss Christine.

She is a pretty brunette in her early 30s, who has a booming fine jewelry business. I was wonder how many petite women are there like Christine, who has been settling with wearing clothing from regular departments that are not really deed for them. They may not know petite sizing has different tailoring and there are far better options than wearing ankle pants as full length.

So, I have put together the list of best petite brands and categorized them in terms of typical price range. You can check them out according to your budget. I also have another post on the best places to shop for discounted petite clothingbe sure to read it if you are interested in where to find bargain price of petite size clothes.

Some of them I frequently purchase from personally, others I have heard great things about from my blog readers. In this post, I have covered petite brands and retailers with a price range of low, medium Local petite woman only high budget. I also suggest you watch my video on how petite sizing works, and how it is different from regular sizes. This post may contain affiliate links, which means we earn a small commission at no cost to you if you follow the links and make a qualified purchase, which enables us to keep creating amazing free content for you.

This young petite brand is founded by 5 feet tall UK deer Lucie see below her wearing the brand when she was What I love about her de is the simplicity. The crop blazers, straight leg pants and A line skirts are classic silhouettes that fit into any body type and would stay years after years in your wardrobe. I am officially addicted to this brand because of its silk fabrics! I Local petite woman only a total sucker for silk, because it is the most comfortable and soft fabrics in the world, yet it is also the strongest.

If you have sensitive skin like me, you will especially appreciate how silk feels against your skin. Ok, now, the best part- the price! Since they are a UK based brand, they will be shipped directly from London. Are you worried about international shipping? They have partnered with Petitedressing.

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Their price point? They make petite clothes from dresses to pants to jackets, offering plenty of choices for short women year round. Their sizing is quite generous, for me personally. So, take that into consideration before you ordering and perhaps size down the first time until you figure out how their sizing works for you. This is another petite brand I discovered only at Belkand later on I heard they are exclusive to Belk. Now we know where to shop without Local petite woman only any guilt! If you are looking for something cute and trendy that will also make your wallet smile, this is the shop for you.

To me, the most attractive part is of course their price and the wide variety of selections. Anything petite women need that is hard to find elsewhere, you can pretty much find them here. Petite jumpsuitspetite pajamas, petite wide leg pants, and list goes on and on. On the other hand, quality can be hit or miss and sizing can be tricky can run sizes small compared to American brands. Since they also sell tons of other brands, sizing and quality will differ across all of these brands.

They have locations across the US in shopping malls or independent stores, but their petite sizes are only available on line.

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Their style is young, hip and urban chic. Unlike ASOS which is focused on casual petite wear, you can find plenty of choices appropriate for office in petite sizes. They also carry office suitable pants in petite sizes, which is normally a headache for petite girls to find. Express now also offers chic petite clothing to wear for outside the office. If you are not familiar with this brand, they are a clothing deer that specializes in office wear such as suits, pants and skirts for profession women.

Now, the bad news is they no longer have brick and motor stores and have become a petite clothing online store only. The good news? Belk carries a full line of petite clothing from the Limited. If you are looking for affordable petite office clothing, you should check them out! I launched Petite Dressing two years ago. There are so many deers I have mentioned in this post, how is Petite Dressing different? Here is how.

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Our fundamental concept is petite clothing should not just be shorter version of regular size clothing. I have found many of the petite deers cut petite sizes based on the des for regular size clothing, and the style do not really look good on shorter girls, even if they fit ok.

Petite Dressing dress petite women according to their petite body type, a revolutionary way of styling shorter women. We work with emerging petite deers such as S64 and Twenty Four Fashion and introduce them to petite women all over the world. As a younger brand, their de is like fresh breeze, Local petite woman only I can see some similarities in a good way to Diane Von Fursteinberg.

The price, of course, is a lot sweeter! I love their flora dresses and jumpsuits for petites. This is a new petite clothing brand founded by Erika Gomez, a petite woman who wants to find a solution for short women. She sensed the pain point for petite girls are inevitably pants, so she is starting her collection with petite wide leg pants. I love how they make petite size cashmere sweaters at a very reasonable price! I first noticed this brand at Nordstrom. I fell in love with their dresses because they are so elegant and chic. Most of their petite collection are petite sun dresses and petite cocktail dresses that are suitable for dressy casual occasions.

They also make jumpsuits for petite women, which I find quite cool! If you have an important event coming up such as a wedding, or if you are a petite mother-of-the bride, you should check out their selection. This is a popular clothing brand that a lot of us have heard of.

I like their casual clothing which is typically quite versatile and almost have no age limit that petite women of any age could wear. This is the brand by Top American deer Local petite woman only Lauren. So, the high quality is consistent with Ralph Lauren brands. They offer a wide selection of formal and casual wear. At Nordstrom, you can find anything from petite trench coats to petite pajamas. The original prices could be a bit high. You can always order when they are on sale. To me, the size runs big, and it starts from size 2.

I am a size 0 or 2, and for pajamas I was happy it is on the roomy side. However, if you are a petite size 0, you should check out their sizing chart before you order. If you are looking for petite online stores, you should check out Tahari ASL, especially if you are looking for office wear for short women.

You probably have seen London Fog at Nordstrom before and you may have noticed they have a great selection of petite coats. What you may not know is the long and rich history of this brand. This leading American manufacturer of coats and other apparel was founded in as the Londontown clothing company by Israel Myers.

Following the war, the company partnered with DuPont to make material for use in raincoats. These coats, which were the first to have a patented removable liner, were sold in Philadelphia, where they became very popular. So, if you are shopping for coats in petite sizes, you need to check out this brand. They are known for making well tailored petite trench coats, and the fabrics are premium.

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Their style is more leaning towards the mature crowd, but younger petite women can still find a good selection. They are known for their petite coats, but they also offer work wear, active wear, swim wear, and etc. Price range is very affordable and de is comfortable. Plus, there is plenty of choices priced very reasonable.

They carry a full spectrum from 0P to 16P. If you are a short girl on the curvy side, they have petite plus available. Every petite girl, or at least those in the US, knows who they are.

Local petite woman only

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