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Watch live: Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony. Does Michael Moore really hate America? And we will let you be the judge. And, boy, is there outrage in the Big Apple and across America, as a man convicted of killing his own daughter gets out of prison early and hops into a waiting limousine. Then, Britney is back off the market, confirming she is engaged to a father who has got another baby on the way. Britney Spears says she is a role model for your children, but is she the kind of role model that your girls should be looking up to? We are going to be asking teen expert Dr.

Drew Pinsky. After boldly proclaiming that he is going to debate anybody anytime anyplace anywhere, Michael Moore is proving once again that he is not a man of his word. Now, of course, you know we have challenged Mr. Moore to debate on our show for months now. It seems that Mr. Hitchens debated Moore a few years back and beat him up very badly after the Flint folly proclaimed that Osama bin Laden was to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

This, of course, was a year after bin Laden admitted to killing 3, Americans on September And yet the Democratic establishment continues to embrace Michael Moore. You know what? He debated Michael Moore in at the Telluride Film Festival and was surprised that Moore still considered Osama bin Laden to be an innocent man one year after September What is that all about? You have a rapid response team, so bring it on. In other words, it was the most linked article on the Internet.

A lot of people read it. And it flatly calls him as a liar Lookin for down to Scarborough country girl a fraud and a coward. He says, if you think Americans are fighting in Afghanistan to protect Afghanistan and America from the Taliban and al Qaeda and hold an election in Afghanistan, the first one in its history, and to defend it from barbarism, Moore says, you are totally wrong. The whole war is about Bush family private business and a pipeline, a natural gas pipeline.

I think he suggested an oil pipeline, built by Unocal. Now, I know and anyone who knows anything about it knows, that deal was canceled inwhen Bush was still governor of Texas, as a result of Mr. Clinton bombing the al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan. And then he says the Saudi Arabia control all of American foreign policy through private interests. And then you wonder, well, why does President Bush, who is their puppet, continue to knock over regimes that Saudis are in favor of, like the Saddam Hussein regime or the Taliban one?

The Saudis so much hated regime change in Iraq, they made American bases move to Qatar, out of Saudi territory. You could go on and on. He says that the White House at high level let the bin Laden family fly out of the country in a secret, surreptitious, sinister manner.

And he had interviewed Richard Clarke months before. And Clarke says straight out, I made that call. Richard Clarke is the moral hero of the film. Michael Moore had the chance to ask the man who knew. You regard it as an open question, the responsibility of Osama bin Laden? MOORE: Until anyone is convicted of any crime, no matter how horrific the crime, they are innocent until proven guilty.

And as Americans I have seen the movie. Here you have Michael Moore saying a year after 3, Americans are killed Complete hypocrisy. You follow my point here? In a few months, we will know the outcome of all these.

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Zarqawi and Mr. Bin Laden are no problem. Indeed, they are—what a wonderful way to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend, by the way. Indeed, they are the Minutemen. If he does do that once and film himself, I will say he is courageous. Let me read you a couple of quotes here. And I put these quotes in here because I wanted you to respond and actually tell me what it meant about the Democratic Party that you have got Terry McAuliffe and other people embracing this man.

They are the revolution, the Minutemen. And their s will grow. And they will win. And, sadly, that majority must now sacrifice their children until enough blood has been let that maybe—just maybe—God and the Iraqi people will forgive us in the end. You are effectively, with the Michael Moore presentation, you are looking straight down the gun barrel of an al Qaeda video. He is talking the language of jihad. This guy is on the other side in the most essential war that this country or society or culture has fought in a generation.

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Why is he against it? If you want my personal opinion, as someone who has observed Mr. He will do anything to get applause, as you can see from the little clip you just showed. He likes applause from stupid crowds and he punches the applause button. I would like to know, and I wish you would ask—and perhaps Mr.

Lehane could be made to answer this question—who is distributing this film in the Middle East? I would like to know that now. How much money does Mr. Moore expect to make, since he is so interested in money making from Middle Eastern sources? How much does he expect to make when the film is shown in Beirut and Algeria and Cairo? He must already know who his distributors are and how much he expects from the revenue. He is going to show this film that applauds the murder of Americans, Iraqis, British and Kurdish people all over the Middle East. He expects to do very well out of it. Thank you for being with us.

And I think that says an awful lot itself. We have got the story on the release of the monster Joel Steinberg next. What messages do these choices send to your teen daughter? We are going to be talking about convicted child killer Joel Steinberg getting out of prison and walking into his limo.

The little girl was found naked, bruised and not breathing three days after her father attacked her. The reason, the little girl was staring at him. After his savage attack on the 6-year-old girl, Steinberg smoked cocaine instead of calling for help.

Today, he Lookin for down to Scarborough country girl prison in a limousine, after serving only two-thirds of his year sentence. That rattles him. And he got the top sentence possible on that manslaughter charge, which was eight to 25 years. He served two-thirds of the sentence. And, under New York law, he is allowed to get out. And under the newer laws passed since his sentencing, he probably would have been in longer. This man has never taken responsibility for what Lookin for down to Scarborough country girl did.

Even to date, he maintains his innocence. He takes no responsibility. He is on the streets walking around in my city. And of course, here we are looking—I want everybody to look at the sweet little girl that was beaten to death by this beast and left lying in blood on the floor. And while she was bleeding to death, her father decided at that time he was going to freebase coke.

He was going to allow her to lie there and die. And this is what his live-in lover said. She said that Steinberg beat his daughter to death for staring at him and described the scene after it happened. This is what she said. And I said, what happened? How does anybody defend a monster like this against the charges of beating to death this little 6-year-old girl?

And the jury system is what we rely on. And the jury found him guilty of something far lesser than what he was indicted for. You know, monsters get out of jail. He was convicted of manslaughter. He may have a sentence for life of being stared at every day in New York, because people know what he did, and he may have a life sentence of that, very difficult case to defend. And, Anne, I want to play you a clip of what Joel Steinberg said during his trial. Now, let me ask you something. Of course, this happened back in Certainly, the judicial system has become a lot more conservative since this little girl was beaten to death, since this guy got manslaughter.

I want to ask you, Lisa Bloom and Anne Bremner, do you believe that, with three strikes, you are out, and with all the judicial sentencing guidelines and all of these new sort of tough law-and-order programs that have been enacted in jurisdictions across America, do you think Steinberg would have gotten a tougher sentence if this had happened ininstead of ? Do you think he may still be in prison or may have even gotten the death penalty for killing this little girl?

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BLOOM: I think he would have gotten the top end of the sentence, closer to 25 years, rather than 15 years. And I will tell you, one of the things the jury was hung up on was his girlfriend, Hedda Nussbaum, the woman with the horribly bruised, beaten-in face that you could see on that tape.

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Girl, 15, grabbed round throat in Scarborough street attack