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Kailua Kona is the Big Island capital if you are talking about access to outdoor activities. On this side of the island it is almost always sunny and yet you can find a great variety in beaches and temperatures going from the northern Kohala coast all the way south to the south Kona district. Have a look at what we think are the highlights for Kona if you think the choices we give are overwhelming. You can also start by having a look at a few of the most popular activities on an activity aggregator website such as the following:. Good to know : We are part of the Get Your Guide affiliate program, which means we get a small kickback at no extra cost to you when our readers use their site to book an activity.

Think, for example, about visiting a local farmers market or a visit to the brewpub downtown. Worthwhile activities that take a bit more traveling are half day trips to go to the Captain cook monument GREAT snorkelingindulge in some Kona coffee tastingor to see the historic Waikoloa petroglyph field on the way to the beach! Animal lovers can also find a seahorse and an octopus farm, a parrot sanctuary, and an exotic animal sanctuary. about the Farm Tours near Kona. This is a not-to-miss place for dinner and beers if you are in Kona.

about visiting the Kona Brewpub. If you like coffee you have to try Kona coffee! about Kona coffee tasting. There are 7 farmers markets in and near Kona that you can visit.

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The most popular one is the Kona farmers market in central Kona which is open Wednesday through Sunday. about the 7 Farmers Markets around Kona. Located on the lush and tropical South Kona coast, Kealakekua Bay is home to a spectacular coral reef. Looking for a female im hosting in Kailua1 region is definitely worth a visit!

about visiting Kealakekua Bay. about the Manta Ray night dive. Petroglyphs are images carved in stone and offer a unique view into the history of Hawaii. Some petroglyphs date back to the 16th century — only one century after Columbus first landed on American soil! There are two petroglyph fields close to Kona: the Waikoloa Petroglyphs and the Pukao Petroglyph field. Step back in time and into a piece of living Hawaiian history. Bonus points for the excellent snorkeling right next to the park entrance! Next door feet from the park entrance is one of the best places of the island to go snorkeling.

There is a seahorse farm between Kona and the airport, and they organize tours! The tour takes between 1 and 1. about the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm tour. Kailua Kona is outdoor-paradise. Perfect weather and a stunningly beautiful natural surrounding make this a favorite destination for tourists and locals alike. Good to know : Some people never leave Kona and take day-trips from to the rest of the island e. Instead, why not choose to spend at least one night in Volcano village? Browse Looking for a female im hosting in Kailua1 below for your favorite activities.

We especially recommend all the ocean-related activities such as the manta ray night divesnorkeling or just chilling out on the black- or white-sand beaches. If you are a coffee lover, exploring the Kona coffee estates and taking a tour around a coffee farm is a must-do. If you are spending time in Kona you simply can not miss going to a beach at least one time. Here you can find world-class white sand beaches, but also black sand beaches and even a green sand beach!

about the Beaches around Kona. Kua bay is one of our favorite white sand beaches on the Big Island. There is a small botanical garden a few miles south of Kona, and one up far to the north on the Kohala coast. The latter one is also a good place for whale watching.

about Botanical Gardens near Kona. Plan ahead because most campsites need to be reserved ahead of time. about Camping on the Big Island. The Big Island is known as the golf capital of the state, and Kona is in the heart of it. Some of the biggest names in course de have carved championship golf courses into the island that will call you back to the green — again and again.

about Golfing on the Kona coast. The Big Island hides many of its awe-inspiring wonders behind obstacles that are impassable and are impossible to see — except through the air! about taking a helicopter tour from Kona. about hiking around Kona. Several ranches around Waimea offer the opportunity to explore their often very large range as part of a guided tour of the pastures with spectacular views of the coastline and peaks. Learn more about horseback riding around Kona. Photo credit: Mike Neenan. A Luau show is a good way to experience local food and culture during a festive evening.

There are also options to visit free Hula performances. Read about all your options in to visit a luau in Kona. A small detour to your destination can often open up a whole new face of the Big Island. Our favorite scenic drive close to Kona explores the Coffee country of South Kona. about Scenic drives on the Big Island. Scuba diving in Hawaii is a great way to get away from the crowds and enjoy the Big Island underwater paradise on your own. The underwater world around all Hawaiian Islands is a 1 destination for Scuba divers worldwide.

about Scuba Diving on the Kona coast. Hawaii is famous for its warm tropical waters and extremely diverse marine life. Snorkeling in the waters around Kona is great! Warm, clear water, plenty of fish and coral reefs mixed in between the lava rocks make for a stunning snorkel. about Snorkeling on the Kona coast. Added bonus: stellar snorkeling at two step, right next door! about SUP close to Kona. Swimming with the dolphins on the Big Island can be done by people of all ages and swimming skills.

Those that have done it describe it as an unforgettable experience that will leave you with memories for a lifetime. Do not forget to take your waterproof camera. about swimming with dolphins. Hawaii is literally the birthplace of surfing and the Big Island offers surfing for all levels. about surfing on the Kona coast.

One way to have fun AND do good at the same time is to become a volunteer on Hawaii. Giving something back to mother nature is guaranteed to be a memorable experience and, besides, it will take you into a wilderness that few other visitors and locals for that matter will ever experience!

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about the volunteering opportunities on the Big Island. Hawaii is a great place to go whale watching during in the period between December and May, and the Big Island is one of the most popular Hawaiian Islands for Whale watching.

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about whale watching on the Kona Coast. Ziplining is an activity where you are attached with a harness to a rope that is strung between a high and a low point. The zip lines are built high above scenic areas and features such as ravines, jungles, meadows, and forests. about Ziplining in Kona. See also:. Use our site to plan your vacation in a sustainable way with minimum impact on the local environment. about our mission.

Home » Kailua-Kona » Activities. We split our list of things to do in Kona into two parts for clarity: Table of contents Activities and attractions that are specific to the Kona region. Outdoor activities that you can enjoy outside Kona. Twin ziplines with Kohala Ziplines.

Looking for a female im hosting in Kailua1

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