Looking for friends to road bike

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Personally, I enjoy going out for a ride with a friend. Cue promotion for my London Cycle Routes eBook. The obvious is to a cycling club. Camden cyclists organise more rides than I could ever go on. Getting involved in cycling forums such as lfgss. London is full of great cycling events.

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The Bicycle Film Festival and the Hackney Bicycle Film Society are two I can think of off the top of my head that could be a good chance to meet fellow cyclists. Just go along with an open mind and start chatting to people. Running londoncyclist. Metaphorically speaking of course. I met one of my cycling buddies through meetup.

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Their Sunday rides are about 35 miles across an entire day so it is not always very fast — more leisurelyinvolve tea, coffee and cake stops, and a pub lunch. I have only been along once, but it was an inclusive friendly group, they definitely were not racing which suited me and the rides were very well planned. I will definitely go along again! I think I actually found out about them from a response to one of your blog posts Andreas :. That said, having always meant to go to one, I actually inadvertantly got caught up in one a couple of months ago as I cycled down to Waterloo on a Friday night.

Good article. Thank you. Been a lone cyclist pounding around Richmond Park on my own for the last year every Sunday and wishing I had friends who had similar interests. I did say back in January that i was going to the local club this year… I still am… honest!

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Probably a little late in the year now, as they finish at the end of october, but I have been participating in the skyride locals all summer. There will be plenty of rides through the winter and the rest of the year through the Social Cycling Groups and Buddy programme on the same website.

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Have a look again. I also go on the Skyrides — most weeks with my 5 year old. My son is used to doing 20 miles and above, but will be satisfied with 8 to 10 miles. Would prefer traffic free as much as possible. If anyone would like to accompany me on Sundays or two days a week to London, please reply. Helen from Sidcup, check out our website. I also intended to a club where I live in East London. However, I failed, which riles me a little bit now. For the record, I vow to one next year! And I bet my cycling-passion that you wont one next year Thomas! All the network members who live in the same area and are interested in same activity will get your event instantly and you for sports.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. a cycling club The obvious is to a cycling club. Forums Getting involved in cycling forums such as lfgss. Go to where the cyclists are London is full of great cycling events. Tap into your none cycling friends Running londoncyclist. Over to the commenters. How did you meet the people you cycle with? See also: Are you part of a cycling club?

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Looking for friends to road bike

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