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For men and women. Or certainly not quality fish. I write about the good, the bad, and the weird of online dating. The reality is that online dating favors the artificial over the deep. For most sites and apps, the emphasis is on visual attraction rather than emotional, intellectual, and interpersonal connection. Some apps like eHarmony and Match try to circumvent that emphasis or at least mitigate it, but most of the apps have largely given up.

Those who are reasonably attractive and able to push themselves to overcome their shyness can find success, too. But there are no guarantees in the online dating world! I consider myself one of the lucky ones to have met someone online that I fell in love with.

In the end, it was a very unhealthy relationship but we dated on-and-off for almost 18 months. I also dated a sweetheart of a guy for a few months and, of course, the Brit that I mention regularly. Both of them were online, too. But the true, compatible matches for me are few and far between. I feel great sadness when a potential match falls by the wayside because I know there definitely ARE NOT plenty of fish out there for me!

I have 4 guy friends in their 40s who are all blissfully dating someone right now. One had been struggling with online dating for a host of reasons. I encouraged him to ask to be set up by friends or to meet someone through church. He fought me on those suggestions. Sure enough, he met his current girlfriend at church. He recently told me that I had been right to steer him in that direction. He needed a new sea! The online dating waters were too murky and limited for him.

Another friend met his girlfriend through one of his passions. Meeting someone who shares his love of writing has proven to be a much better fit. The other two guys met their girlfriends online on different apps. One of the guys had recently switched to a new app and within a few weeks met someone perfectly suited for him! In fact, I recently switched from Bumble to Hinge and had a second date over the weekend.

This was my first second date since August of ! It turns out that changing apps was the new sea my dating life needed. As mentioned, this one step opened up new dating opportunities for me and one of my guy friends. Having fresh faces to interact with might be the tweak you need to mix up your dating game. Unless you live in a very tiny community, you should be able to do these things in real life. You might not meet the love of your life, but you might make a new friend or at least get out of the house.

When I was younger I played in several volleyball leagues. It was easy to meet other people through that shared experience. As I mentioned, two of my guy friends had success through this approach. Or at least plenty of compatible, quality fish. There may be lots of piranhas and sharks and minnows.

No thanks! Or maybe fear, embarrassment, or inertia have prevented you from pursuing new dating avenues. For those burned out or discouraged, I hope that my story inspires you to charter a new course. Fishing in new seas might be the fresh break you need to meet new people who are better suited for you. Clearly, she has failed spectacularly at dating. Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion.

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Lots of fish dating fish in the sea

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