Love knock knock jokes for him

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It should be naughty without being offensive. Toe the line of impropriety without crossing it. And never be humorous at the expense of others. So are dirty knock knock jokes immature? Hell yeah. Knock, knock. Europe who? School who? School your ass. Knock, knock!

Asshole who! Open the door and find out, asshole! Fuck you said. Fuck you said who? Some who? Some asshole talking to a knock-knock joke. Centipede who? Centipede Santa peed on the Christmas tree. I eat mop. I eat mop who? You eat your poo?! Not someone. Not someone who? Not someone who will get you laid. Madam who? Help madam finger is stuck in the door. Justin who? Amos who? A mosquito bit me! Andy who? And he bit me again!

Ben who? Ben down and lick my boots! Ivanna Seymour. Ivanna Seymour who? Ivanna Seymour Butts. Ivana who? Ivana kiss your lips off. Ivan who? Ivan to do something naughty with you! Amanda who? Amanda lay you, your lonely nights are over! Anita who? Anita you right now! Idaho who? I da hoe? You da hoe! Dewey who? Dewey have a condom handy? Anita take a shit! Budweiser who? Budweiser dirty knock knock jokes so filthy?

Khan who? Uh, oh, Khan-dom broke! Al who? Al give you a kiss if you open this Love knock knock jokes for him Pileup who pile of poo? Anita Colo. Anita Colo who? Anita Colonoscopy. Urine who? Pasta, who? Pasta beer, asshole! Nicholas who? Aldo who? Fine, fine, Aldo you! Iguana who? Iguana touch your butt. Ice cream. Ice cream who? Ben Dover. Ben Dover who? Waiter who? Waiter I get my hands on you. May I come in? May I come in who? Not until we have a serious discussion about birth control. Cam who? Camel toe… do you have any pants I can borrow?

Dozer who? Howie who? Howie gonna hide this affair from your husband? Baby owl. Baby owl who? Baby owl see you later at my place. Gladiator who? Gladiator during the threesome. Foreskin who? Boo who? Stop crying, you pussy. Bee who? I like the view from bee-hind you. Oh my. Oh my who? We use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics. Visit our Privacy Policy for more info. Get daily updates, kick-ass content, and curated recommendations.

Love knock knock jokes for him

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