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It is less than ideal starting a blog post by having to reassure you, wonderful readers, that I — Owner of Said Blog — did not, in fact, hop a ship and sail off into the sunset, fleeing from the burden of expectations and broken dreams. When much of my life — my non-writing life — is broken down into obligations that squeeze every spare second out of my Lynn anderson lake worth blog, every day.

This time it has been nearly twenty-four full months between posts. This blog has been collecting dust and cobwebs while the outside world has kept me distracted at best, and had me almost drowning at worst. I can absolutely assure you the opposite is true.

It takes every ounce of courage and fortitude to sit down and find the words, when your mind is wracked with worry about your family members and friends with pre-existing health conditions, when your eyes and ears are constantly bombarded by grim statistics on the news. It becomes almost an obsession, seeking out and finding fleeting glimpses of the Life Before COVID, in virtual family dinners and picking up take-out from your favorite restaurant, in setting up a home office for the indefinite future.

In Wine and Skype Nights with your best friends. This year has been a lot to take in, to fully process. People lost their people this year. While I collect my creative fortitude and get my act together, I did want to share a rundown of some recent notable developments:. This book became a possibility inand has occupied much of my time since. But while I volunteered to spearhead the formatting and the work of getting the book print-ready and onto our publishing platform, the countless hours undertaken by fellow group members is astounding and incredibly admirable — so I want to Lynn anderson lake worth blog them here.

If you want to check out more about the Waconia Writers Group and what we do, visit our website or by clicking the logo. View from the Shore is available for purchase here. Building the book from printed hard copies and dreams, circa Stormriders is in publishing limbo at the moment. I want this book to be good. A lot of these pieces came out of writing prompts, an optional tool we used as a group every time we met, to motivate us and provide a direction for our writing during the weeks between meetings.

This is in the proofing process, and the second printing should be up on my Amazon author in paperback form in a week or two. It currently exists as a Kindle e-book. The rest of my writing life is fluid, almost casual. Ideas for novels and other projects come and go. But it is a marked improvement from earlier this year, where my motivation gasped and stuttered like a flame in a rising north wind. I wish all of you the best of health and hope your families are doing well.

I wish for you the means to cope and write and be inspired. You must be logged in to post a comment. Geeking out over the proof in my hands. Like this: Like Loading Loading Comments Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

Lynn anderson lake worth blog

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