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Hail and Welcome to the New Year! What a delicious first month it has been. I touched down in New Orleans on January 6 th with my beloved beagle Molly Brown accompanying the travels. Our journey getting there, however, was a bit harried. We were waylaid with the aftermath of delayed flights circa the New Years winter storm that blew through a Madison holistic new orleans reviews days prior and inundated with security lines that snaked around all of LaGuardia. After a fashionably late arrival, we touched down in the Big Easy where we were picked up at the airport by our dear friend Audrey of Madison Holistic New Orleans and ushered to our flat where Molly and I set up our transformational temple through January 15 th.

I arrived just late enough to miss the Joan of Arc parade but was grateful that this sacred feminine icon was honored just before I got there. Molly and I got to know the city taking long walks through the French Quarter and the museum arts district grabbing some chicory coffee for our strolls and spending some time in the local art Madison holistic new orleans reviews. We had a long line of enthusiastic people come in for naked yoga and sensual shamanic bodywork and we generally enjoyed everyone we met.

Every client I saw in New Orleans was a man, which was unusual for me as my practice is generally fifty percent men fifty percent women these days. The masculine clearly longs for the divine feminine here. I was blessed with meeting wonderful new friends and traveling the ins and outs of the city accompanied by my sweet beagle. There are good southern values in New Orleans — a town of southern hospitality and sweet sounds of jazz.

I had a great chaperone, an old-fashioned southern gentleman named Greg who was introduced to me by my mutual friends Lisa Kazmer and Eric Finkelman. Greg is one of those charming old southern-ers that sport old-fashioned values and know how to show a traveling lady a good time.

I watched the sunset over the river, did lots of impromptu yoga and had some incredible conversations on everything from sound healing, metaphysics, relationships and spirituality. My one downside to this incredible experience in New Orleans was that Molly had a really hard time when I would leave her alone to go out at night.

The place where we were staying was quite haunted and Molly would lay her ears back and stare into the dark night for hours. Sometimes curtain rods would fall off the windows or we would wake to strange pools of water in places in the flat and in the session room. This past full moon is called the Wolf Moon which is just asking for a baying beagle to howl at it and howl she did with fear and anxiety when I would leave at night to explore the town.

We got a noise complaint for a neighbor that gave us a bit of a scare. We departed New Orleans on the evening of the 15 th and touched down late in New York City under heavy fog conditions. Tammy Nelson. I find it is always such a gift when women ask for and claim their right to receive nourishing, healing sensual touch. I offered yoni steams, shamanic clearings, uterine alignment ceremonies and sensual bodywork to a powerhouse of diverse Shakti-fied women.

The Shakti was so powerful that weekend the phones and internet and hot tub all short circuited where we were staying at some point. If you ever dare to take a true shamanic journey into the paratheatrical, this is the one to take. Dzieci does it once a year — look for it next January. I ed this beloved theatre company during the midnight drum circle and just before the peyote chant — no actual peyote is used. We danced, drummed and until about 7am. I then crashed for a few hours and rose refreshed and took Molly and drove to Leominster, Massachusetts to spend a few days with our dear friend Lloyda perfect retreat after much work and a tired body from facilitating so many pleasure filled rituals.

The three of us had adventures in the snow. I am so blessed, so very, very blessed. Look for Molly and I under the Florida sunshine. EveLynn and I will offer some double sessions while I am down there and have a clothing optional spiritual gathering at her abode, details to come! April 1 st -7 th Isis in Toronto with Tricia. Rate this:. Blogroll Sensual Shaman. Isis Phoenix Sensual Shaman.

Madison holistic new orleans reviews

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