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Finally, if you'd like a downloadable version of all of our ways to raise money to share with your board or volunteers, you can find all of the event ideas in this eBook and every other kind of idea in this one. Try these quick fundraising ideas out for a little boost!

This is less fun than many of the events listed here, but can still be effective. Grab your phone book, hand out a script, and get your volunteers calling! To keep track of donations, why not use a fundraising thermometer? Some people don't like being called on the phone, so ensure the script you have prepared respects that. Impress potential donors with some personalized snail mail with an honest to goodness stamp on it. Ask volunteers to donate some time to stuff and seal envelopes to help the job go faster.

When the laundry bin's full, most people would pay any amount of money to be able to throw on a comfy pair of jeans in the morning. Offer a dress down day for a small fee to benefit from your co-workers' rough mornings! This one takes practically zero planning and doesn't cost a dime. This can also be modified as a uniform-free day in a school setting. Partner with a local restaurant to leave donation envelopes at their tables to get donors to leave a little extra change. This won't garner a ton of donations, but could still raise awareness for your cause or for another fundraiser you're running.

Create a nice de for your envelope and a that clearly explains why you're looking for donations, so that patrons will feel more inclined to support you. Take the guesswork about what to do with the kids this weekend away from mom and dad. Sell family tickets to a fun-filled sporting event at a local stadium or field, and raise money through a small refreshment or merchandise sale as well.

Depending on the league, sports tickets can sell out fast. Make sure you plan this event well in advance! Partner with a website that specializes in fundraising through gift cards, such as Fundscrip or FlipGive. Through the website, you can buy a supply of gift cards that you then sell on to your supporters at face value. Spreading the word is key here. Use peer-to-peer fundraising, and make sure those in your network are reaching out to their networks in Make quick 300 for non pro fit girl.

Consider offering a prize to the volunteer who sells the most gift cards as a little incentive. Holidays are great for gift cards. However, since they can be used for everyday expenses at grocery stores and restaurants too, they can work at any time of the year.

Get people to shave their hair for your cause, and others who aren't quite so brave can donate to support them via peer-to-peer fundraising. An added benefit to this event that you could also look into is donating their hair if it's long enough. Jump on the Movember bandwagon and run this event at the beginning of December. People sick of their partners' beards are sure to donate to see them shaved off!

An oldie but a goodie! Pick a central location like a school gymnasium or community center, and have people bring in their recyclables to exchange for money at collection site. Get some awesome volunteers to help make this task fly by! You could also partner with your local bottle redemption company to get the funds directly from them. Attach an empty coin roll to each team member's paycheck and ask everyone to fill them up then return them. The change can then be donated. Work together to collect enough quarters to stretch them a quarter mile through a store or parking lot. If you hit this goal, try for a mile!

Set up a gift-wrapping table in your office or in a mall and ask for a donation per package wrapped. Team members can donate extra wrapping paper they have at home to save on expenses.

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People expect their gifts to be well-wrapped, so confirm that your volunteers have at least the minimum wrapping skills before starting. Mazarine Treyz. To do that, you have to get creative. Here are a few ways to do that:. Everyone always thinks their own pet is the cutest, so why not give them a chance to show them off? Charge an entry fee for those participating, and you could also charge for tickets for those who just want to come by and watch some adorable animals. Find an animal-friendly space, and perhaps a prize or rosettes for the winning pets.

If getting animals to come to a particular space is too difficult, hold it online and have participants submit images of their pets instead! You could run this as a competition to hit a target from a set distance, or to score a set of goals within a limited time. It can also be run with any other kind of sport, such as most baskets in basketball or the highest score in darts.

Anytime works, but consider doing it around the time of playoffs for your chosen sport so that people are extra riled up! Put your skills to the test with a classic free-throw challenge. Winner could be awarded a prize or a trophy — or just pure, unadulterated community bragging rights.

This event could work anytime, but might be nice to do at an outdoor court during a warm weather month. Invite people to pay a small fee to come carve a pumpkin and enter it into the competition. You could give them a limited time to challenge their skills, or take entries all day to encourage as many people as possible to take part.

Dart toss is a classic way to raise money at a carnival. Step it up by charging a small participation fee and offering a cool prize to the winners. The milk jug ring toss is a classic carnival game. Paint your milk jugs with fancy colours to attract passers-by too! Charge students or office workers a fee to toss a pie at the face of their teacher or boss. Kids will get a real kick out of this one! For extra donations, have some real pies ready for sale too.

Section off part of your parking lot or other open space into squares.

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Put donated prizes into each area and sell registration forms that can be turned into paper airplanes. Participants can toss their paper airplanes to win the prizes. For those who want another go, they can keep buying more forms, and keep making more planes! No one wants a field full of soggy planes. This is great for organizations who work with kids! Have your employees or community members create teams and pay an admission fee. Each team will race around an obstacle course with a bedpan of water and the team with the most water still in the pan at the end wins a prize.

Have members of your team together for a weight loss challenge. Alternatively, since some people find public weigh-ins stressful, you could appoint one person who is not participating in the challenge to record and report weigh-in progress. Finding a health-focused sponsor could also make this a more lucrative challenge. Reach out to local weight loss centers or gyms in your community that may be willing to support or sponsor your challenge. Set up two teams with buckets, and challenge them to collect the most pennies. To sabotage the other team, they can encourage people to add other denominations to their bucket, which will count against their score.

The team with the highest score wins, and your organization gets to keep the buckets of coins. Set up a clear scoring system for how much each denomination is worth, and have a referee on hand to settle disputes. Two-person teams donate to have a space in this competition. The teams will compete against each other to see who can crush the most grapes.

Crushing will take place in a half-barrel with points earned for the most creative stomping style. Heats take place hourly, and gold, silver, and bronze medals are given to winners of each heat. At the end of the day, a grand prize winner is chosen and awarded a trophy. This fundraiser is best during harvest season, which varies depending on which hemisphere you live in.

Invite the amateur and more skilled photographers in your networks to submit photos for a contest to take place during an event. Attendees can pay an entrance fee and then vote on their favorite piece. For a more low-impact version, hold it online and get users to submit using a hashtag! Promote the contest well in advance so you get a lot of entries, and get permission from top entries to use them in your marketing materials. There are bound to be some creative members in your community, so give them a chance to show off their skills by advertising a diorama or other craft contest.

Give participants a few weeks to prepare, and then have a day to show off their creations and judge the winner. You could charge for entries, and also a small entry fee for people wanting to come look at the finished. This is an activity that's great for kids, too This is a good one for fall or winter, when people are likely to spend more time at home doing crafts. Invite participants to unleash their inner frat bro with a friendly pong tournament.

All you need is a large table, ping pong balls and plenty of those those famously red cups. You can charge a small participation fee and offer a cash prize. Tossing those balls will naturally make people want to toss back a few cold ones, so make sure to have some beer and snacks for sale as well! It would be worth connecting with local Greek organizations to see if they would support and volunteer at your event. Cornhole is the perfect game for the no frills, no sweat summertime athlete. Determine the MVPs in your community with a laid-back tournament.

You could charge a small entrance fee to the event with a cash or donated prize for the champion. Participants collect donations from sponsors to take part in your dance-a-thon, with the last Make quick 300 for non pro fit girl standing or anyone who makes it through the whole 24 hours winning a prize.

You'll need a large venue maybe a school hallrefreshments, a team of volunteers, and maybe a DJ. Because this is a long event, it takes several volunteers to keep it running smoothly, particularly since you'll need to ensure your dancers are sticking to the rules.

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Players are given a time limit to hit as many homeruns as possible. The players with the most can then be put head to head for a grand final. You can charge people to enter the competition, and offer a prize for the winning hitter. Check with a baseball stadium near you, or even a local park, to see if you can book their space. Find a wide open space and get hold of a vast amount of rubber ducks. You could either set up a target, and award a prize to the person who manages to throw a duck to land the closest, or give an award for the duck that is thrown the furthest.

Use sticky labels on the bottom of each duck to as them aand note down each contestant's name and contact details against the of their duck. People donate to see wacky fundraising incentives that volunteers set. This can be a fun way to bring your community together, and you can set competitions for who raises the most money with their incentive.

Take to social media to spread the word. This idea relies on people getting to hear about the hilarious incentives and be rewarded by seeing them fulfilled.

Make quick 300 for non pro fit girl

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