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Captain James Cook arrived in the Pacific years ago, triggering British colonisation of the region.

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You can see other stories in the series here and an interactive here. History is always selective, particularly when it is tied up with national identity. Certain stories are recovered, while others remain silent.

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Intimate encounters are often muted, even though we know they played a central part in first encounters during the colonial era. : My ancestors met Cook in Aotearoa years ago. For us, it's time to reinterpret a painful history. But they also represent potent past tools of imperialism. Tuia was about both voyaging and encounter histories, but it seems that re-enacting traditional sailing was easier than restaging the intimate encounters that were central to the colonial enterprise.

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Commemorations of voyages across the open oceans sailed clear of the awkward topic of intimacy. The history of intimate encounters remained coned to a private space, perceived as outside of the making of history and national identity.

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But Hazel Petrie has argued that intimate encounters have to be considered within the context of cultural practices that emphasised hospitality. But these perceptions may be in large part the result of the different moral codes of the narrators and seeing sexual relationships through different lenses.

: An honest reckoning with Captain Cook's legacy won't heal things overnight.

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But it's a start. According to historians, Cook disapproved of the sexual behaviour of his officers and men, but was unable to stop it.

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In his journal, Cook wrote:. A connection with Women I allow because I cannot prevent it, but never encourage tho many Men are of opinion it is one of the greatest securities amongst Indians, and it may hold good when you intend to settle amongst them; but with travelers and strangers, it is generally otherwise and more men are betrayed than saved by having connection with their women, and how can it be otherwise since all their Views are selfish without the least mixture of regard or attachment whatever; at least my observations which have been pretty general, have not pointed out to me one instance to the contrary.

Sailors embodied the complex, disease-ridden, sexual shipboard culture of the 18th century, combined with western unequal attitudes towards women and the perception of Polynesian women as exotic.

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As indigenous and cultural studies scholar Alice Te Punga Somerville puts it :. Gender is so central to the story of Cook. And how Cook, and everything that came after, has done so much to gender in this region. They were variously colonisers and colonised. Just as women were a central part of those first encounters inthey continued to be agents of history. Some women, as the helpmeets of Empire, taught generations of schoolchildren about Cook the hero as part of an imperial curriculum. It needs to consider that in the present, as with the past, public and private spaces are interconnected.

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Man fuck girls in voyage

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