Man of wealth and taste

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I am a mirror. Tell me who you think I am and you describe yourself. Look at me and see the end of civilization. The apocalypse. Come a little closer. What Isaiah Berlin once said was true, about the world being divided into foxes and hedgehogs, how a fox knows a little bit about many things and a hedgehog knows everything about one big thing.

Plato and Hegel were hedgehogs. But Herodotus and Shakespeare—they were foxes. Who would you rather party with? Do you want to live in a world of ideas and punishment or a world of romance, of kings and queens. You see I am talking about imagination. I am talking about a fundamental difference between having an idea and having a worldview.

I am a fox. I am doing something different. I am doing something that is, in fact, essential. Foxes excel at that. You call it theft. I call it optimization. I call it sharing. Sharing is the key to my success and my success is sui generis. Well let me tell you something else. Let me tell you what I know. You should be. I know how many fire emojis your husband posted five minutes ago on that photograph of Alessandra Ambrosio blowing out the candles on her birthday cake. I know the real recipe for Coke Zero and the circumference of the Oval Office. I know the average attention span of your soon-to-be eighteen-year-old because he is actually now seventeen but turning eighteen on November 1, which is meaningful to me.

As long as I want, he will keep watching. Six seconds for you to blink at an image and feel something. Maybe you start to drink vodka. Maybe you convert to Christianity. I am not interested in Man of wealth and taste though. I am just a guy who happens to know a little bit about a lot of things. Knowledge, in fact, is my true business model. Would you like to invest?

Wait, you already have. And so has your wife and your mistress plus her lover and their new child and the guy who comes and mows your lawn in Amagansett. Lea Carpenter is the author of the novels Eleven Days and red white blue. She is working on a story collection. Mark Zuckerberg has only ever worked for the company he built—the one with more users than any nation.

From the headline Read the original story. I have come to tell you that you can trust me. I have come to allay your fears.

Man of wealth and taste

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