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Let us work those tired muscles over with our warm, smooth bamboo made specifically for massage. Your therapist can adjust the pressure from light to deep to relieve and release your stress while the warm bamboo adds another level of relaxation. Warmed Himalayan salt stones are applied to your body with light to moderate pressure bringing you into a deep restorative and restful state. The warm smooth stones penetrate heat into the muscles while the salt remineralizes your body.

This highly therapeutic deep tissue massage is a combination of trigger point therapy, stretching, sports massage and other modalities. It is intended to reduce muscle and t pain and increase range of motion. This massage focuses on your back, neck, and shoulders using a variety of massage modalities to work out the kinks and knots in your upper body. The are relaxing, yet invigorating. Lymphatic massage uses gentle maneuvers to detect the specific rhythm, direction, depth and quality of the lymph flow anywhere in the body.

Manual Lymphatic Mapping of the vessels is used to assess the overall direction of lymphatic circulation, area of stagnation, and best alternate pathways for draining lymph and other body fluids. The process is very pleasurable and induces deep relaxation. Working within your desired Massage williamsport pa, this classic relaxation massage Massage williamsport pa help ease sore muscles, release tension areas, and leave you in a general state of calm.

Spoil yourself and indulge your senses while we incorporate various essential oils with calming massage strokes to your face, scalp and neck Please note that this is a 25 minute massage. It may be scheduled alone, or in conjunction with one of our other massage treatments. Massage Services. Massages can be booked for 55 or 85 minute appointments. All of our massage treatments can be individually tailored. Consult with your therapist if you have specific areas of concern.

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Massage williamsport pa

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